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Nimble Venture by SpaazleDazzle Nimble Venture by SpaazleDazzle
Nimble Venture is a young stallion, who often goes on small trips around Equestria. His actual home is stationed in Filly Delphia, but after a nearly tragic camping trip in the Everfree Forest, he appears to be trapped in a strange village. 

Nimble was camped near a cliff, and decided to check out the area. Unfortunately, a landslide struck his camp, sending him over the edge. He lost a leg in the accident, and now has large scars across his body. He was recovered by Orion and Trojan Storm, and was quickly brought to the village medics. They amputated the mangled leg, and patched him up. When he woke up, he was startled and devastated. He had no idea where he was. He was told to stay in the village to recover, and was welcomed by all. 

During his stay, he met an android named Astra. Astra saw his distress, and how poorly he seemed to be coping with only 3 legs, so Astra brought Nimble to the lab where they were built. Astra then did a forced operation with no anesthetic, and gave him a new robotic leg. Astra also reopened some of his wounds, and placed wires connecting the leg to the spine and brain. Unfortunately, what Nimble doesn't know, is this new leg allows Astra to take full control of him. Astra hasn't used their new puppet yet, but they are waiting for the right moment to finally claim control.

For now, Nimble is working his new leg quite well, and seems to be making friends with everyone. The only problem is he can't seem to get himself to leave...
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October 2, 2017
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