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Dr. Kismet by SpaazleDazzle Dr. Kismet by SpaazleDazzle
WARNING: This backstory may be a bit too grotesque for some,read at your own risk!

Dr. Foul Kismet was born in Dodge City, and didn't exactly have the best life growing up. His family was dirt poor, and his father suffered from schizophrenia. Foul found it interesting the way his father would talk to himself, and dig up deranged thoughts against his mother and the people around him. Eventually, Foul's parents wound up breaking up after a nasty fight. Foul didn't know how to cope with the new feelings he developed, and out of anger, he kicked and killed a stray cat. Later on, his mom found him dissecting it in the alleyway. He got in serious trouble, and was stuck in home for a month. Other that month, he started documenting his thoughts, his discoveries, and what soothes him. 

As he got older, he decided to go into medicine, and study the mind and body. He particularly took an interest in the deep sections of psychology. After a successful treatment of a patient with his teacher, Foul decided to go on his own to treat another patient. His teacher had strictly told him no, as it was a very difficult and tedious task. Foul ignored him, and snuck over to the next patient. With that, he preformed his first lobotomy, nearly killing the patient but overall "curing" him of his illness. His cutie mark appeared, and he was more determined than ever. 

Dr. Kismet began an asylum in the forest near Baltimare, and it started off smoothly, until they couldn't house anymore patients, and his patience was testing. The treatments turned into torture, and the funds ran low. Ponies started to starve, others forced to do electric shock therapy or extended ice baths or heat baths, others locked away and completely forgotten, and so on. Eventually, after a few years of this, Dr. Kismet pretty much just said "fuck it", he would find the worst patients, and "operate" on them, dissecting them, and pickling their brains to study. Or he would just straight up kill them. He later became known as the Angle of Death, and became one of the worst wardens ever recorded. Soon enough, the law caught up, and forced him to shut everything down and make a break for it while he could. Dr. Kismet told his staff to drop everything and run if they wanted to see their families, so they did just that. They opened as many cells as they could, and soon, sick ponies began to crawl onto the streets of Baltimare.

Some say the old Anglewood Asylum is haunted by the spirits of the sick and staff that were there, and that there are still cells that have the remains of ponies who were never let free! The asylum has been shut down for years now, and Dr. Kismet is a fugitive on the run, and with him he carries the fortune he made off of the asylum, and his old tools tucked away in his coat. He plans to operate another day~
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October 3, 2017
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