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Astra by SpaazleDazzle Astra by SpaazleDazzle
Astra was built by an old stallion, who lived in the village deep in the Everfree forest. His goal was to create a robot that could serve him, and at the same time be realistic enough to be his friend. Eventually, after many years, Astra came to be. Astra became his servant until the day he died, and when he passed, Astra didn't understand what was happening. After another pony told Astra the terrible news, they began to question their purpose. Soon enough, Astra was given the role of a night guard for the village, and being a beacon in the dark. They were also used for hard labor, and were made to do things that other ponies couldn't do. Many years have past, and Astra has become more sentient than ever. They have learned so much, and began to realize that many ponies didn't see them as a pony with actual feelings and thoughts, but an object, or a slave. Astra began to grow bitter, but hid her negativity well. Out in the open they would be bubbly and always agree to help others, but back at the lab they would plot and learn how to control the average mare or stallion. Whether it was psychology or physical manipulation, they learned and practiced as much as they could. They even built other droids to try and help, but all of them failed (broken down, weren't programmed right, did not follow instructions, etc), and eventually they gave up on building droids, and broke down all of the robots to make spare parts for their own upgrades. Astra has finally made a leap forward in her revenge as of recently. A new pony named Nimble Venture had come to town with a fresh amputation, and so Astra offered to give him a new leg, excitedly, he agreed, and so Astra went onto a painful and forced precedure to give Nimble this new leg, which was now connected to his brain, nerves, everything, and Astra had full control whenever they wanted to use their new puppet. Nimble is still unaware, but soon enough, Astra will have control, and make everyone her slave. 
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October 2, 2017
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