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A N X I E T Y by SpaazleDazzle A N X I E T Y by SpaazleDazzle
.:Vent Post:.

Just not feeling great today, and it all started this morning when mother nature decided to dump about 7 inches of snow on us in one night. I fucking hate winter, it's cold, and really hard to travel in. So, Im heading to therapy this morning, and everything is going decent ya know? But then on my short walk home after getting off the bus, I get street slush hucked all at my backside from a passing car, no fun at all. So I get home, Im tired, hungry, cold and just wanna hop in my Pj's, but nope! Might as well keep my wet pants on, cuz I gotta shovel the fucking driveway! So, I get started, my boyfriend is waiting for his ride, I'm almost finished with the driveway by the time he shows up, but hey! He brought me chicken nuggets, fuck yea! So I sit and eat,we show each other memes, and honestly he was the best part of my day :heart: He helps me finish up shoveling, we go inside, he rubs my back, we watch some YouTube, and just enjoy each others company! Well he has to leave like, a half hour after we finish shoveling... So now he's gone, and Im starting to just feel off (pretty normal for night time tbh). 

And then all of a sudden, my fucking Facebook is spammed with videos and live coverage of the new school shooting today... Everyone zooming on the bodies, the screams, the gunfire, the amount of casualties, it just fucked me up big time, I feel awful... And now my mom and step dad are home and bickering, and that adds to my anxiety... 

Oh yea! And not to mention the anxiety I have for my fucking appointment tomorrow! I have to get my stomach scoped, cuz for years (pretty much my entire life) I have constantly had issues with my stomach. Nothing works to settle it, and after last August (I threw up constantly for that entire month, once I vomited 6 times in an hour and a half, and it was about 6 am when it started, session 3 was nothing but dry heave) none of the medication is working to keep me settled... Thank god tho that my bf offered to babysit my siblings when they get home, cuz I won't be home on time, and I'll probably be too groggy and upset to deal with the little shits... 

I'm just tired of today, I'm nauseas as all hell, Im so anxious that I can't speak, and I have a feeling sleep will be difficult to get tonight.... 

But hey, if you read all this, then hey, you get a fucking cookie for listening to me ramble about my day cookie love And I certainly hope that you guys had a much better Valentines Day with your loved ones than I did lol :heart: 
Galateau Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2018
I love you~ ❤️❤️❤️ and when you get home tomorrow I’ll have a special gift~
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