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Vino is a young stallion who grows a wide variety of grapes, and creates his own wine. Though he lives in the Everfree village, he often travels Equestria to showcase and sell his creations. He is a very upbeat and bubbly pony, and only ever gets drunk when he celebrates a special occasion, like when a harvest was excellent, or his own birthday.  
Have some Winter Soul

I feel like this pic isn't finished but whateves :')
Amaranthine Ref
Amaranthine was born into poverty, but was quickly surrendered to an orphanage in a small town in the middle of nowhere. As she grew up, she was praised and easily chosen as the favorite among everyone. Ama quickly learned how to play many string instruments, and even got into singing. Her favorite instrument is the violin. She earned her cutie mark by preforming her very first solo during a show the orphanage put on to help with funds. 

Ama's ego and confidence grew to such a height, that she grew offended when ponies didn't like her, and with that, she grew a dislike for another orphan, Galateau. She would often show off around him and push him into the dark. Eventually karma caught up to her, when a slighty heavier orphan was thrown off the second floor level right onto her, breaking her wing. The pony who threw the other pony? Galateau. He wasn't aiming for her tho...

Ama's wing was shattered, and with a lack of money at the use of the orphanage, they decided it would be cheaper to amputate her wing. Ama fell into a depression, and didn't preform as often, and at this point Gala was shunned and he ran away, never to be heard from again. 

After a couple years, Ama was being teased for being a one winged wimp. She didn't take kindly to that, and made a split second challenge: Travel through the Everfree and back without a scratch. Next thing you know, she's standing at the edge of the woods in the rain. Ama wound up getting lost for a few days before turning up at the castle of the two sisters. As she explored the ruins, she bumped into Gala again, and avenged her lost appendage by beating him up. Gala eventually ran away, but Ama was quick on his tail, and eventually following him into a small hidden village.

Ama was quickly taken in and raised by Breezy Knight, and made several friends, including Galateau. Eventually Ama and Gala fell in love, and teased each other about their rough past, and even had a set of twins named Karma and Overturn.

Amaranthine belongs to Galateau 
Winter Soul
Winter Soul is a young, psychic colt. He was abandoned as a foal in a small cemetery deep in the Everfree forest, but was found quickly found by Mourning Lyte aka Grim, a tall elderly unicorn who takes care of the cemetery. Grim quickly took the role of caretaker, and took Winter in as his adoptive child. 

Winter Soul is able to talk to spirits, summon spirits, and lull spirits into an extensive rest period. He's very shy and typically likes to keep himself isolated in the cemetery. Grim likes to try and drag him into the nearby village to help him gain better social skills, and new friends. In the future he will earn his cutie mark by talking to a deceased family member, and helping them move on, and helping him find his true parents.

Cutie mark created by AureliusOrigami 
Adopted from idfk cuz they deleted the adopt sheet that he came from :'v


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