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Robot Girl

Well, you gotta make sure those wireless sensorty transmitters are working somehow, don't you?
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Ticklish arch??

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A robot with a downloaded human mind, and soul in it's robot brain. Talk about mechanical pleasure!

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Shes a robot how can she be tickle?
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Its an humanity robot, a modern human adaption at technology

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Designed to have all 21 senses a human has, and yes, we do have about 21, the main 5 are just the most obvious

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"HAHAHAHA A-alright Doc, the W.A.S.T.E. circuit is working! Stop already! I'm dyin' here! HAHAHAHAHA!"

[Wireless Android Sensory Transmission Enabler]
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arch ticklish???...

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Ah, but is it matched up with the corresponding transceiver channel in the right limb socket?
Good point, but the guy will know.
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omg you and me we have something in common with this pic i thought i was te only one that had the idea but here check this pic out:…

we gotta collaborate >w<
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But of course!  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:
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Hmm...I'm not sure that makes sense, she is a robot...and she isn't put together, so how can she be Tickled?
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Some programming with the motherboard are linked and is programed to laugh at certain areas touched on her body.
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That's a good point. Keep on testing!
I love it! I always like seeing a fembot in pieces! Keep up the good work
Nice pic, where's the rest of her?
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...the weirdest boner right now.
After watching the Boy-bot on Extant I thought this was hilarious.
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Wow. That is completely adorable.
I'm just hoping that the scientist isn't some kind of pervert.
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