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''Uhm.. Excuse me, You might not want to stand so close to the geese, They attack, You know.''

''You want to help me bake? That's nice~!''

''I can't believe you right now..''

And theese are just few examples, In case you want to roleplay with me then I'd prefer it if you'd reply to this comment or send me a note.
Smut/Lemons will be done on chatzy.
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"Marianne, are you here?"
//kinda loud voice
//searches her
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After being questioned by a few of the countries at the world meeting for dating a person they all thought were her brother, Marianne had ran out. Not because she was ashamed but.. because some were insults and.. hurt.

she didn't even think, she just.. ran.. She had been called a liar.. Incest pig, Etc. 
The two had been dating a while so.. It's not like they thought anything of it, But she hadn't heard those type of comments before. 
Even though many countries ignored it or didn't care.. A few of them wern't very positive.
She had begun crying but.. She didn't even notice, Running into a nearby park she sat down on a bench..

''Marianne, Are you here?'' she suddently heard her lover not very far away, ''I-I'm here...'' It was a quiet response but.. Berwald was the one who heard her many years ago when she was a child, Back in the viking era. She had talked quietly back then due to her being very cold so denmark couldn't hear her at all, But sweden did.
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Berwald blamed himself at the fact that she got hurt. Well he doesn't care about what others said about their relationship, because in the end, they will accept it.

The insults were bad, but the thing that bothered him was that they insulted her and not him. Nobody said anything to him, and some were positive to him instead. Which bothered him. 'Why would they insult her and not me?' thought Berwald to himself. As he heard her voice, he finally relaxed and sighed. "Are you okay?" he asked as he was approaching to her slowly. He knew her well to know what to do to make her feel better and cheer her up.

He looked at her, with a sort of sad expression as he sat beside her. He didn't say anything for a moment, then he slowly and gently took her hand and kissed it, holding it afterwards gently.
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she gave a small smile as response.
''I-I'm sorry for... running away like that.. i shouldn't.. have done that...''
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hi! and welcome to the dA!llama cancan 
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