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So I have figured, since I discussed with :iconps1k: about making some updates for the NES Godzilla project that he's still working (first demo is released). I asked him if I can find something that's 8-bit and for other customized musics for the game. I don't have all of them, I'll update as soon as possible:

Main Title: [link]

Password/Quiz #3/TV Screen #3: [link]

The Earth Map/The Earth Stages/Extus Stage 4: [link]

Gezora/Titanosaurus/Gorosarus Fight: [link]

Boss Defeat: [link]

Life Lost: [link]

Mars Map/Mars Stages/Game's Intro: [link]

Moguera/Baragon/Orga Fight: [link]

Pathos Map: [link]

Pathos Stage 1: [link]

Pathos Stage 2: [link]

Hedorah/Biollante/Kumonga Fight: [link]

The Hellbeast Chase: [link]

Trance Map:

Face's Quiz Game/TV Screen #1 (In Entropy only): [link]

Trance Stage 1:

Varan/Manda/Battra Fight: [link]

Dementia Map: [link] (But Slower)

Dementia Stage 1: 

Dementia Stage 2 (Unforgiving Cold): [link]

Dementia Stage 3: [link]

Gigan/Megalon Fight: [link]

Entropy Map:

Entropy Stage 1: 

Entropy Stage 2: 

Entropy Stage 3: 

Entropy Stage 4: 

Moon Beast Mini-fight: [link]

TV Screen #2: [link]

Entropy Stage 5:

Entropy Stage 6:

Entropy Stage 7: [link]

Mechagodzilla/Spacegodzilla Fight: [link]

Extus Map:

Extus Stage 1:

Extus Stage 2:

Extus Stage 3:

TV Screen #4: [link]

Extus Stage 5:

Extus Stage 6: [link]

TV Screen #5: [link]

Chimera Fight: [link]

Prayer For Peace/Blue Angel: [link]

Hellbeast in Graveyard/Zenith Stage 5:

Zenith Map: [link]

Face Quiz #5/The Death of Face: [link]

Zenith Stage 1: 

Zenith Stage 2a: [link]

Zenith Stage 2b/Monster Hybrid Mini-fight:

Zenith Stage 3:

Zenith Stage 4:

King Ghidorah/Destoroyah Fight: [link]

Mecha-King Ghidorah Fight:

Giant Red (Final Boss):

Triumphant (Red's Defeat):


More will come soon...
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Submitted on
July 12, 2018