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Shameless sales plug!! Hi all, I wanted to share something special with you all, I'm trying to raise money for a 3d Laurel model to be created by :icontexelion: and printed through Shapeways!  As you can imagine this will be expensive so I want to try and raise a little money from the fans to support me, so I am offering some of the keychains I've been making for my art tables/patreon for sale early to get the funding for my project! So what I'm proposing is for $10 take your pick of chibi Laurel or Cherry keychain, or for $20 get both and a free pin!  This includes free shipping =) for those interested, send me a note or just use my paypal (as gift) and list your desired character, name and shipping address ... thanks everyone!

Swag by SozokuReed

Hello friends and fans, old and new =) I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New years!  Thank you all for the love and support, favorites, comments, and watches, this really was a great year for me both for my art and for my personal life.  I hope that it was for you as well, and I hope you look forward for more content from me in 2019!
Hey everyone, Im expanding social media to include Instagram and Tumblr (hopefully I dont neglect those) but I will post more on Twitter!  Follow me for behind the scenes stuff, and of course Patreon is where all the good stuff is at ;)

Starting tomorrow on Patreon I'm introducing Trunk Tuesdays, so you can finally see what's in my collection of BDSM toys ;) each week I'll show off some of my gear on Patreon in addition to all the sketches and colored art offered on there. If you haven't seen my page visit the link there are even free posts I share on there unseen on DA!
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Ladies and gentlemen, I'm curious to know which is your favorite art of mine that I've done and why. I like to know what's working and what isnt, and what I can do more of in the future. Let's get a discussion going!
Hello everyone!  I know I posted about this a while back, but as I've gotten some new fans of my work, I wanted to ask for a few moments of your time and sign up for a Webtoons account.  In order to help me get 'monetized' it wouldbe a HUGE favor for me if you favorited my series and gave it a good rating, also to 'heart' each page (I know this is asking a lot) but these are all things I could totally use to get the story some extra funding on this platform!  The story is a little behind since I update it one day a week, you all have the up to date story.  Thanks a million everyone =)…
Hello guys and gals!  I just wanted to publicly say goodbye to 2017. Overall it was a good year for me, it had its ups and downs like many years do, but I was very happy with how this year turned out.  First of all I wanted to say thank you for all your love and support, for everyone here and on patreon who favorite my work, add me as a friend, or even leave nice comments.  I swear that I couldnt do this without everyone, and Im so glad I can create a world with characters and story you all love!
I made a new best friend =) Before I started dating Katya, I never understood what it was to be best friends with your significant other until now.  Officially taking the place of my 18 year long best friend who got into some bad politics and turned out to be a traitor and a coward, I'm happy to say that there is no one else I would call my best friend than my girlfriend!  I hope 2018 will be even a better year for myself and everyone else, and I'll keep bringing you all new content =)  Stay safe tonight and dont party TOO hard lol!

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Today is Thanksgiving in America, in tradition of eating way too much, you also talk about what makes you thankful.  Of course I'm thankful for my family, my friends, health and well being, and I'm very grateful to have fans and supporters all across the world like YOU! What I'm most thankful for this year is my love and new best friend Katya =)
Earlier this year I had a falling out with Juan my best friend of 18 years because of a cosplayer named Heather.  Due to both of their bigoted, close minded behavior, and hatred for people like me... people with morals and values. At first I was ashamed that I was even friends with these people in the first place, but I quickly learned that I'm better off without them in my life, if they don't accept me for who I am. After that I realized that Katya wasn't just my girlfriend, she was my best friend too, and she filled that spot on my life. Unlike other relationships I had in the past, I can be honest and open with Katya, and most importantly be myself... something that I never felt comfortable with anyone else I dated. So I'd like to dedicate this Thanksgiving, and many more Thanksgivings to her, and to all of you too! Thanks for sticking with me =)

Sozokureed ~ Heavensystem
Hello everyone, I wanted to taks a quick moment to let you in on one of the best Sci-Fi shows out there.  A (canceled) show called Dark Matter after only 3 seasons, I have to say it ended on such a cliffhanger I need to see more.  WHAT? You havent heard of it?  It wan on the Scifi channel and can be seen on Netflix, but we need your help to sign the petition linked below to get more seasons... dont let good shows die, it just takes a moment, thank you!…
For those who missed it, I had the big reveal yesterday and closed chapter 2 of Grand Tale.  Before I send it off to the printers, I'd like to know if anyone spots any spelling mistakes or any oddities with the colors or anything.  When Im do close to the work I can miss a lot, so I would be grateful for anyone who wants to look over chapter two with a careful eye, link is here!…
CH2-60 by SozokuReed
Thanks everyone who followed the story, and I hope you're still enjoying it, when I take a short breather, I'll begin work on the next chapter =)
Also hi-res PDF of chapters 1 and 2 available for download, just follow links from the main images
Heavensystem Grand Tale Cover by SozokuReed Grand Tale CH2 Cover by SozokuReed
Hey guys, I tried a thing, and if you want to see me post stupid stuff about my life, make minor updates, or just interact with me more than on DA, hit me up on Twitter
Hey everyone, just letting you know I've listed shirt for order from T-Spring, both the old shirt and the new shirt designs, if you're interested in picking one up =)……

So check it out :iconpatreonplz: :iconpatreonplz:
Cherry T-Shirt Design by SozokuReed
Also big thanks to my backers :iconwyland: :iconarac0s: :iconcaraig: :iconkurdranskyr: :iconanimedamel: Aranel, Caedis, erdnaxel25, Racro and Andrew, I cant do it without you!!
Hello everyone!  I wanted to show off a new friend of mine, someone who has a cuff collection I'm envious of and isn't afraid to use them ;)

Meet :iconsylaretlhunara:

Check out her gallery or view some of my favorite modeling poses, some even inspired by my own art <3
Devil Maiden by SylarEtLhunara Angel In golden shackles by SylarEtLhunara Fallen Angel by SylarEtLhunara Dame du lac captured 11 by SylarEtLhunara Dame du lac captured 13 by SylarEtLhunara Le Phenix by SylarEtLhunara

 photo 1_zpsyatp6ilh.jpg
I would like to know why you guys like my art! Is it just the themes, the outfits, the story? What makes my drawings or characters special to you? Who is your favorite character and why? Who would be your waifu or husbando?  
I started this all in 2001 as a way to get cosplayers I knew to wear cute outfits of my own design, and it blew up into so much more. As I approach 1 million page views, I know a lot of my fans are just here for the bondage, but for those who feel a strong connection to my characters, share your stories with me :)

 photo 1_zpsyatp6ilh.jpg
Hey guys, shameless plug here!  
I just wanted to let everyone know that I finally went topless... (dont worry not me, but my art) I know its been so long coming so the last two colored works I put on there were bare chested, and I think people wanted this to really happen, so I'm now starting to show some boobs on my Patreon $10 rewards!  What this includes is 2 exclusive colored art per month, plus 3 sketches every week, and instant access to the 40 or so colored art and 200+ sketches already on there!  So what are you waiting for XD

 photo 1_zpsyatp6ilh.jpg
Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know, I get a lot of notes for commissions and I love it, Im really honored you enjoy my art enough to hire me!  Right now I'll be closed to get caught up on my duties (and it really pains me to turn business away especially long time supporters of mine) but I simply cant take someone's money without giving them art months later.  Here is my list to give you an idea of what I have on my plate, and this is what I have to do before I can even post more comic pages/illustrations/bios etc on Deviantart ^^;
However you can see what I've been working on behind the scenes at Patreon

-Patreon List-
Monthly exclusive Patreon Rewards x2
Monthly 2 character art for Wyland
Monthly 1 character art for Steve
Monthly 1 character art for Kurdranskyr
Monthly 1 character art for Caraig
Monthly 1 character art for David
Hey guys, so I've been streaming fan theories for my favorite shows/movies while I work on stuff... and it got me thinking, do you have any theories of my work?  What you predict will happen in the future of the story?  I'm curious to see if you have any insight on the deeper meaning behind some of my characters and plot (some I've revealed and some that will come out in future pages)
Also, with over 4k watchers and 800k pageviews, I think its time for another Question and Answer journal, so feel free to ask me anything you want about personal life, comic life, you know whatever!
Hello everyone!  I just wanted to thank everyone who helped with the donations/commissions for my niece!  I have an update for you, it looks like the dead-beat father (and my sister) have both signed off the parental rights papers so we are proceeding with the adoption yay! Since baby Lizzy calls my parents mom and dad anyways, it should be easy just to pretend like it never was anything else.  We have been doing the state mandated social worker visits to make sure they are fit to be parents and everything is going smoothly, so it should be finalized soon!  Just wanted to give you all a status update =) Here is a picture of her wearing my coat!

 photo 20161204_093518_zpsyvuf3mr5.jpg
So I started posting my progress on the Heavensystem comic on Webtoons, a place to get more exposure and hopefully keep me working on new content in my busy life lol... and it would mean a lot to me if a few people went over there and just boosted my rating a bit since lets be real, more popular comics get attention and thus more fans right?…

Its free to sign up and who knows maybe you'll find some other neat artists on there, thanks guys!
Hello everyone!! 
First of all thank you for all the birthday wishes, you really make me happy!!  I wish I had time to respond to everyone but I did see all of you that posted to me =)

Well life is tough at the moment, not so bad I can't handle things, but I have been busy!!  I'm working more now the summer months are almost here, I have an low (low) level escrow job but its eating a lot of time time, plus Patreon is a main focus for me, I mean who would have thought I have over $500 a month from GENEROUS supporters like you.  But I'm still trying to get some extra art done to post on here.  For whos of you enjoying the content at the 5 dollar level, I'm still putting sketches up 3 times a week and two new colored arts a month for the $10.  Also for those $25+ I have print packs along with a bonus mouse pad (and maybe more if I can get it done) getting ready for July to be sent out! 

The sad news that because of my busy life at the moment, I'm going to have to close commissions until further notice, I really don't want to have you guys wait months to get your artwork done by me, and I feel terrible to turn away business especially from repeat loyal fans, but I do need a bit of a break =( I'll be sure to let you all know when I'm available again!

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