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Welcome Syx-Friend

"Welcome to the horny jail Syx-friend! Here are your new shoes aren't they cute?!"  Syx is not impressed ;)
This OC is owned by the talented :icontangdraws:
head over there now for some great chastity artwork!!!
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Lass uns spielen, ich würde das Outfit gerne anprobieren.

Mauser712's avatar

Had to save it twice, once in your folder and once in Tang's....

She looks like she's having so much fun "decorating" the prisoner with gear.

SozokuReed's avatar

Cherry has the most fun with everything, nothing brings her down!

tangdraws's avatar

It's a good thing she's already got Syx in a gag, or else trying to get those shoes on would be a much more dangerous task!

Thank you so freaking much for this picture Sozoku!! I'm crazy honored to have someone I've been a fan of for years draw my character so cutely!

SozokuReed's avatar

I love how it turned out, very cute scene! You can just sense the frustration XD thanks it was a pleasure your character just fit in so well with my style!

tangdraws's avatar

She really did! :D :D

LoveAndBondage's avatar

A cute new captive! ❤

SozokuReed's avatar

She's a fun character that's for sure

Animedamel's avatar

So did Cherry turn to the side of the light and became a good little demon now. Naaa can not help she stole Syx guard uniform and showing her the shoes may be a little small but I can get them to fit.

Thank you for sharing a beautiful idea and piece of art with us. Always pleasure to see your works.

SozokuReed's avatar

Of course, always fun to share when I finish something! =3

gooeyness's avatar

thanks for the chastity

SozokuReed's avatar

Of course, always fun in a belt

Plasma-dragon's avatar

Well that's an instant fave right there.

SozokuReed's avatar

Just getting around to responding to everything! I think this did turn out nice!

Wyland's avatar

So horribly cute. And the concept -- horny jail ... hahaha! Well done!

SozokuReed's avatar

Like the one I did with Laurel and Cherry but I couldn't fit in the BONK

Heretic1311's avatar

Sexy jail, where you get punished with shoes instead of bonks. Bonk revamp

SozokuReed's avatar

Well maybe bonk too, like the meme!

MetalBeowulf89's avatar

The previous pic, where she was arrested...


Titled "Go to Horny Jail, do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars" :XD:

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