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We Lost?

:iconarac0s: wanted to see an alternate version of the comic where the heroes lose... I mean those two succubi are pretty strong right? ;) If Rocky used charm it would have been 2v3 rather than 3v2 lol
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Being captured by succubi...I don't see the downside here. :) Great work.

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Ya, not too bad to have sexy femdoms ;)

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Can't win 'em all, right? Gotta give the bad guys their day in the sun too :P

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Indeed, no fun if the heroes always win, thats too predictable!

Oh wow, you finished this fast! Thank you so much!

I love how it turned out, the slightly different poses, the expressions, everything. It's great to see!

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Right on, glad you liked it, ya trying to get everything done early cause I'll be out of town a few days this week... need to keep pace!

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Ironically, you post this on the same day as the Euro 2021 final.Italy beats England 3-2 in a penalty shootout. But all that aside fantastic work.

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Thank you, yes my wife was watching the game! ... while I was drawing lol

So this is the Bad Ending?

That depends on whose "bad" we're talking about, really! So yes, from one point of view. And from another... no, no, this is a very good ending.

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I think this could be a bad end, depending on who you're rooting for!

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please insert more tokens to continue! xD

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9....8....7... lol oh gosh those were the days!

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"What a tweest!" Love it! XD

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I would certainly make for a different kind of story!

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"Rocks fall. Everyone gets captured."

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