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To the Rescue

Just finished this heroic picture Reed vs Gale... anyone remember this guy?
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Thank you my good sir!

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Oh this is very cool :D plus Laurel being cute :>
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I did want a nice cute pose, but then I didnt know how to work it in without her just floating there... so I cheated XD

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If anyone is worth fighting over, it's surely Laurel !!
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Of course! A girl worth fighting for =)

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Always an epic tussle when these two are involved, and Laurel's looking lovely there as the bait.  As always, great to see her shackled up ;)

Also judging by the grey color, I'm guessing Gale is using some kind of spell to armor or otherwise enchant his hand?  Otherwise grabbing Reed's sword like that would have to be quite unpleasant
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Yup, just like in the comic, although that was Sam's sword, but you got the idea!

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I feel like we may see him again sooner or later. Evil has a way of being damnably hard to kill like that..

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Haha, well Gale was supposed to be a throw away villain with one final jump scare, but trust me, we wont see him again (at least not in the comic)

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