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Succubi Stocks

By SozokuReed
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Latest commission for :iconarac0s: with Cherry and Rocky enjoying quality time together, at least one of them is XD
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Very cute! thats some Cherry for you

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You know Cherry is making faces at Rocky and really enjoying her "time out"

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Oh ya! I should have had her tongue sticking out lol, but that was the idea ;)

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Is there a way to open those stocks?

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Who knows? Could be magical I didnt put any seams in them!!

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This is a lovely, fun pic, of course. What I wanted to really point out is how well you do character behavior/attitudes. Their personalities come through nicely in this one.

Well, that and also how their backs are curved juuuust right .... Dayum .... ;)

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Thanks! I do some pretty simple faces but I like my expressions, like a good anime! And yea that curve is pretty sexy for real =9

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I don't think they have enough restraints

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Its true, there is always room for more!

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Left enjoy it, right not so much ;)

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Its true, Cherry makes the best from everything =D

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Cherry is quite smart

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Heavily invested in stocks and bonds in the succubus market is always a wise thing to be ;p

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I actually like the very minimalist design of the stocks.

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Thanks, I thought it was a neat idea plus I wasnt feeling the wood when I sketched it out

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"rocky-Freind! now we can have a nice long long chat!"

Rocky: T_T guards....guards.....GUARDS!...

This is a lovely picture Reed! reminds me of the time cherry rocky and ayasis where in prison together! you;ve done a great job :D

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They sure end up in some interesting situations together ;) I'm sure Rocky had herd it all!

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Love seeing these girls in restraints~

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Thanks! They sure make good models ;)

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Your artwork has grown over the years and become all your own. Cherry seems to be mocking Rocky as she enjoying everything. :-) Just hope some sexy angels come along later and gags the two before the punishing paddling begins. Thank you for sharing.

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It sure has improved hasnt it, and I think I've gotten pretty recognizable not just characters but style, people warn me from time to time that others have 'stolen' my art so its nice fans can point out my stuff!

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