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At last! I feel like I worked on this forever XD but I wanted a cute group shot of the wedding of Reed and Laurel =3
I hope you like it! (and I can promise you'll never see Sam like this again lol)
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Here's the obligatory AWWWWW!!!!!

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Thank you so much, very awww :)

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Very very nice.

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Thank you so much :)

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I hope we can redo our vows like this one day in Hawaii that would be so magical!

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Oh that would be sooo cool for you both :> you totally should :D

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Next time we visit Hawaii I'll have her bring the wedding dress!

Awwww! Such a cute couple and a happy ceremony!

I love the wedding outfit designs for all of them.

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It was super cool to get finished this weekend, something I wanted to get out :) the designs were really fun to draw and a change of pace from all the naughty art

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From left to right is, Samanatha, Prim, Laurel, Reed, Poldara and Raya

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Have to say, That dress looks amazing on Laurel.

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It was really fun, I liked designing it a lot!

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She isn´t even in chains! Ok, she isn´t THAT much into it.

Though she probably wouldn´t mind some chains at the wedding bed :D

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I did a drawing like that over on Patreon, it was really cute I think

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GAH, always the good stuff is on Patreon!

Don´t get me wrong, it´s good and right that artists get something for their work.

But it´s SO frustrating when you get told "hey, i got what you like, just behind a pay wall".

Especially when your monthly income is too meager to commit even to the artists you really like and want to support.

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Gosh I know, it really was not the best idea for me, because I want the art out there, but I got on hard times and needed some extra money, it was thr only way I could think to generate... now I'm kinda stuck. At least I made the price affordable I think, plus some people hop on for 1 month, down load everything then split which is fine too

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No, but that is a good idea... I have a bad habit of forgetting to use some platforms if I'm on too many, I just barely started taking twitter seriously to extend my reach... but other places I used to post to like Webtunes or Tapas I just am too lazy to use

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Twitter is a radical left cesspool that turns its users into lunatics.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real there and they can´t think straight anymore.

Admittedly i´m not exactly a Trump fan either, but i´m able to recognize both his failures and his achievements.

Nothing of that on Twitter.

Oh, and should you decide to get Ko-Fi, make sure you drop me a link!

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Haha it's true, but I'm strictly keeping it art related. If I can attract new watchers and keep politics out I'll be happy!

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A match quite literally made in Heaven!

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