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Prison Treadmill

Happy weekend Lords and Ladies! Today I bring you Laurel and Raya getting their workout on, but it looks like poor Laurel is struggling to keep up!! How long will they last? ;)
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Laurel is just a wonder sexy beautiful woman. Thank you for sharing your talents with us all.

Blackberry Bondage Spa

"Please someone come back. I can not ... keep ....up much longer." Laurel pleads.

"Sorry ladies. I know I was to return three hours ago. But you know." the tenant says as she turns off Raya tread mill and helps her down. She quickly release from the heavy irons as the two ladies talk for twenty minutes. Laurel screams at the two to let her down but they just look at her upset that she would interrupt them. The two continue their talk for another hour as they paddle and crop whip Laurel rear. They increase the speed and vertical climb too.

"Best we get your sister down now." the tenant says with a giggle.

"Sorry but I have to go now. I got plans with a cute guy tonight." Raya says with a wink to Laurel.

"It better not be with my love one." Laurel try to say over the gag. Raya was gone and the tenant look over the contract again.

"Oh seems your sister sign you up for a full body wrap stream sauna deluxe package. WOW quite expansive. Your sister must really love you." the tenant says as two addition tenant enter the room and takes Laurel away kicking and screaming.

Later that night...

"I thought your sister was joining us all." one of the adventures says.

"She got wrap up in some other things and decide to say back." Raya says with a giggle.


Laurel was trying to struggle but could not move. She was wrapped tightly in a layer of latex bandage before being wrapped in endless layers of ace bandages from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. Only her breast and eyes were expose with top of her hair sticking out the top of the head. She was belt down on thin board that was hanging over the steam vents. Her hair was bound and pull up tightly to a hook above her top of the board.

That night the tenant came in one last time and check on Laurel. "You so lucky. People pay a lot for this treatment. Our owner Blackberry came by and notice you and said she would pay for everything now and extended the contract for a full week. So tomorrow, we got you sign up for intense bondage yoga ran by Raspberry. Oh I do hope you flexible Laurel. Raspberry gets very carry away with it." the tenant turns on the vibrating toys that were buried in Laurel to a mid setting and tape on some shocking monitor pads to each of Laurel's nipples. "Ok you all set now. Good night." The lady leaves the sauna and locks the door.

Laurel plead as she watches the woman leave but Laurel did not notice out of the shadow came another voice. "Seems it just you and me now alone for the next twelve hours." Cherry says wearing only a towel. "Let start by turning up the vibrating toys and shocks shall we." Cherry giggles as she drops her towel. "I love you hair so much too pity it bound up in such a tight pony tail like that. So for punishment, you will not ever be allow to reach a full climax the entire night we are together.

"I going to kill you Raya." is all Laurel could do as she just whimper for mercy to Cherry.

How long will they last?

I don't know, how long will it take me to get tired?

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Got to keep those prison slaves slim and trim for future sale!

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That's the spirit! XD

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I've heard of hardcore prison workouts before, but nothing like this!

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A good way to keep the girls tired out, and looking in good shape ;) still need to get a treadmill for my wife and recreate this

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Laurel and Raya lookgn good here reed! laurel needs her dang exercise xD poor girl! though i see their bells are silver this time not the useal gold! :O

SozokuReed's avatar

Ohhh yes I think that was my bad, also I forgot the lock on Raya shoes, I was in a hurry!

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I wonder what makes her struggle, the walking, or did someone smuggle something fun in her panties?

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Hahaha no, I wanted to make her out of shape for the exercise

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Awww, i was hoping for a little sneaky extra tucked away there.

But if she´s so out of shape, doing some exercise really is important.

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Magnificent! Love the return of the prison caps~ The bell earrings are extra nice touches! Good luck escaping with those on ^_^

The uniform just isn’t quite complete without the cap.

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I thought it would be a nice touch, and ya those are very cute for any uniform

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