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Mistress has my Keys

By SozokuReed
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When you think about it, Raya is a goddess, but Blackberry is just an angel... so thats one tough angel to dominate a goddess right ;)
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Ich würde gerne den Keuschheitsgürtel und das Dienstmädchenkleid anprobieren und ... darin gefangen sein.

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hey, i'm really intrested in the lore behind your pictures, but can't really find a lot. Did you ever write anything, and if yes, where can i find it?

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Heya! Well I do actually have quite a bit of lore its just... mostly still in my head ~_~

However I do have bit and pieces in character bios and the comic I have so far! I do want to start writing a novel which would be much faster at getting content out than the comic, but I'm so lazy! Its something I need to work more on for sure

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Of course, who else :confused:

Shes so cute and adorable

SozokuReed's avatar

She sure looks good in chains, and submissive enough to enjoy it!

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:nod: It's impossible for me to disagree on that

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Not really if the Goddess is willing. It is even possible to say she is a good follower by dominating the goddess like she wants.

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Its true, she is quite submissive, and she doesnt really mind it =3

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Even a goddess may have her submissive side that likes being treated that way.

SozokuReed's avatar

Indeed, she likes to indulge in worldly pleasures ;)

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Magnificent and Secure

SozokuReed's avatar

Thank you, shes quite the maid!

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That's a cute oufit!

SozokuReed's avatar

It is! I do love a good maid outfit for sure =)

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Or it´s just a goddess that enjoys being dominated.

Nothing wrong with that, especially when it looks as good as this.

SozokuReed's avatar

Haha, yes indeed, she secretly enjoys it, and looks good too! Could be a good life ;)

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She looks like the perfect maid!

SozokuReed's avatar

Raya sure is, beautiful and submissive ready to work!

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Ohhh very risque Reed! raya has alot of guts to show us this! for a moment there i thought she was dressed like you did a long while ago!

Cosplay is Rough
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I remembered the commission but forgot the design of the outfit, very lovely I might have to use that again!

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