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Map of Nevermore

For those of you who are interested in the world of Nevermore (and not just my character illustrations) I will be working on flushing out more of the history and workings of the Heavensystem world... so the characters seem less like a few drawings and comic pages and more real life.

Thats the plan anyways =o and for those keeping track, our story starts off on the continent of Errion right about at that Elven forest of Nerventhuill.

Oh yes, the parchment look to the map was used with :iconandantonius: handy tutorial.
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I wish I could make something like this...I need to make a map for my own fantasy world.
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It wasnt too hard, just took a bit of time... although this is old and I need to redo it much larger with more area, now that Im making my world BIGGER
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Gimp failed me in this regard and a minecraft worldpainter failed me as well.

I need someone to make the map for me. Someone who's skilled with the programs.
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Well have you tried drawing it by hand? That's what I did, this was inked and then scanned into photo shop and I just used tree brushes and a paper pattern for the bg
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Unfortunately, I don't have a way to scan it either.
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Are you still looking for someone to draw your map? Did you try Fiverr?
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I'm doing other things right now.
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No problem! 😀
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Im trying to draw a map for my fantasy world.... Your's is beautiful! mine is a child drawing compared t this. 
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Oh thank you!  Since Ive expanded my world, I really need to draw another... if only I had more time lol
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Hello, could I have your email, I think we need to talk. 
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Is the world your idea?
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You just really inspired me! I'm DMing a D&D campaign and couldn't come up with a map that didn't actually look like earth proper. This gave me tons of inspiration! Thanks! 

:D (Big Grin) 
Do you take map commissions? This is amazing, especially for hand drawn!
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Any tips on map making?
I making a world too.
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Oh well, not really lol, I just kept doodling still I got something nice and this is what I came up with! Im sure if you did a search someone may have something?
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how did you make the map? You used a particular program? :happybounce: :eager:
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It was hand drawn and inked, however the texture of the background was created through photoshop, I just searched for worn paper textures =)
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Hey There I really like your artwork 10/10! I would just like to mention quickly that I have a gaming team set up of 9. We need more 3d and 2d artists for both conceptual and final artworks. We are a serious team looking for all gaming roles including GUI artists and others. The game is based over 4000 years ago and contains Vikings, Barbarians, Shaolin Monks and the Atlantians. Post a reply or send a note to me or email me on

Thanks to all members who read this and please consider it as we do have many professionals involved.
Regards to you and all the Deviantart community,
The VisionXtream Team
Hey man, do you have a tutorial for this map, or one like this map? I can't seem to find any good map tutorials for this kind of map. It's simple compared to most maps, but still very beautiful. Thanks if you can help. And really, a good job on this.
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Well I dont really have a step by step, but the map part itself was all hand draw, inked then scanned, the mountains and trees were a custom brush I made in a few seconds and just splattered over the picture. The faded paper look was a tutorial I used from the guy I linked in my description. Hope that helps =D
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Hey dude... I hope you know that there is a VERY popular flash game called Nevermore which takes place on an Island called Nevermore (Really neat game). It doesn't look like is ofcourse but you should probably pick a different name. I am currently writing a written version of the game for the creator himself.
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