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“At last I have found you. Did you think you could hide from me forever?” Gale proclaimed, his beady brown eyes remained focused on the image inside his scrying globe. His appearance was unremarkable, neither tall nor short, and average build with spiked brown hair tied behind a red bandana. He was draped in long crimson caster’s robes lined with golden runes with a high collar, and accented with black cuffs and shoulder pads. Gale was rather young for the role of a mage, or perhaps he just looked that way, having accumulated vast amounts of knowledge and skill in the magical arts.

He stepped away from the globe and pedestal that dominated the room and approached one of the many bookcases filled with tomes and scrolls along with other mystical curiosities. The study itself wasn’t exactly tidy, scribbled and crumpled paper lied about as if he was a writer or poet unsatisfied by his own work. The stone room was large, about forty feet across, with steps on oppose sides of the walls one leading up and other down to reach the other floors. Barred windows gave view over the vast green treetops of his tower hidden deep in the haunted woods of Nerventhuill.

Gale scanned his collection, fingering his large ruby necklace as he did so, until he found the particular book he was looking for. Pulling it off the shelf, he approached the large oaken workbench and laid it next to another larger and thicker book, with a gold trimmed cover and exotic looking pages. He flipped through the pages until coming on illustrations and descriptions of a teleportation trap. Clutching a bottle of ink and a Griffon quill, he penned magical words into his spell book until the incantation was ready. His eyes flared with energy as the power of the script was pulled from the pages and into his mind, then smiled with a sinister glee.

He once again gazed at the globe, it’s focus remained centered on two young women.


Unbeknownst to the Songweaver sisters, they were the target of a spying spell of a wizard hundreds of miles away. The two young women, both around mid twenty years of age, had an aura of kindness and grace to them. They had left the confines of their city Highland Home to venture out and collect herbs for medicine to the North near Tandar.

Raya Songweaver was the eldest; a fair skinned lady of divine beauty and a gentle smile that could sooth the soul. Wispy auburn locks danced around her stunning emerald eyes, and fell down her back ending in wavy tips at her waist. She wore a glossy black bodice corset that complimented her long laced ivory skirt that swished and swayed around her ankles as she moved. An expensive looking hunter green bolero embroidered with golden trim covered her shoulders, matching a set of green fingerless gloves on her hands. Lastly, her forehead with adorned with a three pointed gold tiara and she tread on black buckled sandals complete with a thick wooden heel.

Raya carried herself with a refined grace, and when she spoke, it was like heaven itself was reflected through her words. She had been gifted the power of song, a minstrel with the rare ability to weave arcane spells though music and dance. While these magical skills remained a secret to most, Raya would often perform naturally, providing a cheerful time for children of traveler alike.

Her younger sister Laurel was similarly beautiful. Fair in features, she stood slightly shorter than Raya. Long golden bangs hugged the sides of her face, framing her emerald eyes and rosy cheeks. She moved with a youthful prance, almost bouncing on her brown gladiator heels with straps laced up to her knees. Laurel wore a powder blue dress, long and flowing with white lace, that fell from her shoulders to the backs of her ankles. A thick, deep blue cloth belt wrapped around her waist and was tied behind in a rather large bow. The belt was masterfully stitched with green vine and leaf embroidery and wrapped in rope cord with colorful baubles that swayed as she walked. Her shoulders and forearms were covered with a gold accented silver metal appearing to be more decorative than armor, and her forehead was topped with a feathered wing tiara.

Laurel, while a bit more immature, loved her sister dearly and tasked herself to watch over Raya. She was a woman of conviction and faith, and a skilled holy warrior, who kept hold of honor while vanquishing evil. Often speaking her mind, and loudly at that, she was a kid at heart with an attitude to live life to the fullest.

The two young ladies worked at a small shop they had purchased in Highland Home, a café they called the Holy Cup. They had closed up shop early for the evening as one of the locals had come down with a bad fever and had asked Raya for help. While their city was rather large, it was devoid of many skilled healers so Raya was often called upon to help due to her knowledge of medicine. This being so, the two sisters had journeyed out and spent the last hour baskets in hand, picking up some Rynflower while enjoying each other’s company.

It was getting late, as evidenced by the sun’s setting to the West. Raya was entranced by the beautiful view of the orange rays illuminating the hills as it fell, saying a prayer to Galerynn that it would rise again in the morning. Distracted, the older sister was caught on her knees as a glowing blue circle of light formed around her. Mystic runes appeared and in a flash, tendrils of energy lashed out at the unsuspecting maiden. “Raya, look out!” Laurel had dropped her basket to the ground and lunged at her sister, shoving her to the side and out of the spell’s reach. Translucent vines which had been meant for Raya, now took hold of Laurel and began to drag her through a portal at the spell’s center. She reached out of Raya, who has extended an arm for her, but it was too late. In a matter of seconds, Laurel was pulled through and the magic circle had closed up in a flash.


Still on her feet, Laurel skid to a stop in an unfamiliar location. She had been transported though the magic circle to the very tower Gale had been spying on the two of them. Snapping her head around, quickly attempting to gain bearings of her situation. She was in a small stone room with a heavy door in front of her, but more alarming was the clatter she heard from behind. Unable to react in time, sets of shackles that hung from the wall had sprung to life like snakes, lashing out at her defenseless limbs. Thick iron cuffs, hungry for her wrists and ankles, clamped around her while a collar reached out and bound her small form to the wall. “No, this can’t be!” She screamed in surprise, instantly fighting her new bonds. She twisted and tugged, in a hope of quick escape, then gazing fearfully at the chains which proved to be impossibly strong. The magic that animated the metal was dormant once again, and she now prisoner in this small cell of an unseen foe.

“Help! Someone help me! Raya!” Laurel continued to thrash, haunted by the jingle of her bindings that echoed with every movement, and served as a reminder of how much trouble she was now in.

Ok everyone its time I get serious about this novel!  I want to get a book published eventually so be brutally honest with your feedback about descriptions, punctuation, structure, etc... I wont get published if I suck so I need your help! =)
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I also suggest the self publish route at first :) do some cool splash art for it only. Go dream!

SozokuReed's avatar

I hope so one day, gotta write it all first, maybe I'll ask my friend Beth how she got a paperback deal when it's ready (in 100 years)

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Wow, Watched and subbed your Webtoon, just on the strength of your design of Mikey (Her face, I swear!). But I'm very interested to see where you go with this world you've made.

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Oh, Thank you ;u; well I don't plan on stopping. :> she is fun to draw!

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I was kind of surprised to see your Faves on your front page, I didn't know you could do that. But you should toot your own horn there!

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Ahh, I'm pretty shy about my art. Always admired pretty photography!

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I haven't had much chance to indulge my shutter bug lately, but when I was driving a lot for work, I'd shoot huge panoramas. I have some on my page. If DA weren't such a PITA to submit to, I'd show a lot more of my airshow pictures too.

But really, you have no need to be shy.

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Still waiting for the HeavenSystem spinoff: Prison System~

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Ahhh that would be fun, seems these are quite popular

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Self-publishing on Amazon is easy. I also know people who are experts on formatting eBooks.

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