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Goblin Auction

Another drawing for :iconwyland: featuring Goblin friend Argh back in town, and selling off her would be rescuers Prim and Xel >3
Special guest care of :icondeetwenty:
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I'm sure if the customers have any questions, she can tell them the proper gnome-enclature.

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That light green reminds me of an old comic... Gremlin Trouble.

(Also, Buckle.)

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Hah, Im going to have to make those big covered cowboy buckles for now on!

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Just flip the tab to the other side and you're good.

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Haven't been here at this gallery in a longlong time, so spent this morning catching up. Had a great time. Very delighted with your artwork, and interesting to see the changes in your style over time. Truthfully, I was very impressed with your early "Matrice Angelique" style of drawing, with all the careful, artistic detail. It seems now you've settled into a more cartoon / heavier colored approach with your very of Heavensystem food-named characters. It's really very, very good, but so different from your earlier work. I'm gonna do a watch, now, so I won't fall so far behind, Best to you.

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It sure has been a ride! Thank you for the compliments. I do miss my old heavy detailed style but everything took so long to make, these days I need to draw more simple to crank out the work. But it's still a lot of fun, I'm glad to carve out a little fan base for my OCs and happy to have your prase!

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"Nome Sale! Get em while they're Imp-Rissined!" what a horrible betrayl of those who rescued her!...maybe prim should have taken less time unbinding her and this might not have happened!...or is there something else at work i wonder?

Lovely work on everyone Reed, Argh looks so damm cute here and prim and Xel look suitibly adorable too!

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Ohhh Thank you, lol I forgot to add you to the credits so I just did, worked so much this weekend on art :P

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no rush reed! xD we all get forgetful with work brain!

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I guess friendship is nice and all, but business is business.

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Some cute Gnomes (or a Goblina) as bed warmers would be nice!

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My my, have the turns have tabled :D

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Poor Prim ... She's always so cheerful and optimistic, but now her friend has betrayed her. Never trust a goblin! xD

Argh looking so danged CUTE! =D

Well done, my friend! Thank you for once again bringing my idea to life! =)

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Yes be careful who you help out in a dark hole in the ground! Might come back to bite you in the butt!

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She's a cute goblin!

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I'm a fan of all things cute :3

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