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Gnomes in Dark Iron

Happy weekend everyone! This drawing for :iconwyland: with Prim and Xel trying out some Dark Iron bikini ;) Actually Prim knows this guard and she said the best part is when the crystals give you a fun shock! Xelenda is not amused... I guess neither is the guard!
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I love this! Happy cheery Prim just mocking their new owner. "Do not worry, Xel. I know her weakness. Though I do admire her: After letting a prisoner escape and overpower her, she still manages to have a job! Then again, it was ME who did the escaping and overpowering, so perhaps she should be given special consideration. Who could be expected to keep me under lock and key? I mean, after I have decided it is time to move on, of course. Why are you looking at me like that? This will be fun! And then later we can escape."


Poor Xelenda's just gotta trust Prim on this one ... as usual.

Not like she has a choice with her escape skill of -1890427

That angry guard ... lol!

And for those wandering through, this is a sequel to…
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I rather like the guard. The Dark Skin/White Hair anime style has long been a weakness of mine.

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I like that dark elf/drow look, I need to draw more of those ladies ;)

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FalseAlias just did a really nice one.

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Oh yes I like his work, lots of Ninteno gals too!

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And they certainly rock the slave gear :3

Well, the shocks are always quite entertaining! Could you imagine letting your slave enrich you in peace? The guards would be bored to tears! Always wonderful to see a slave get straight back to enriching you after receiving gratuitous torment.
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