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Escape Room

Well we got quite the pickle here! :iconarac0s: wanted Reed to be testing some traps, but this DC is mighty high all tied up XD
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For a world-famous, world-saving rogue, it ought to be pretty easy to escape such simple traps, even all tied up, don't you think? I mean I certainly would. 😇

This came out nice and active! Thank you very much, and I hope Reed appreciates his workout as much as I appreciate seeing it!

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A pleasure as always, was fun to do something a big different haha

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been taking his lessons from indiana jones i see!

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I can just hear the theme song, too bad I forgot the Boulder!

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The Dungeon Master was being especially cruel this night!

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If you upset the DM anything can happen!

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At least it wasn't "rocks fall, everyone dies" again! .. Or maybe that's preferable to this situation?

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Thanks! The idea wasn't mine I just ran with it as a commission

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Dude maxed out his Dex and Con I see lol

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Oh of course, I don't think I've played a character with less than 14 con, and as a rogue you need 18+

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