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Dakimakura (Prison)

Wow I hate doing inked linework but it sure looks great when its finished =) here is another version!
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I would love to make her my bitch.

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If you are making body pillows to sale or something, would we be able to possibly request what we would want on each side? Just curious and definitely not trying to pressure anything. I apologize if I offend

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Not a bad idea, once I get this figured out with the Patreon, I might do custom ones or requests for sale

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I don't want to add any pressure on you. If you did open it up for requests, I would inquire on them.

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I like this one more.

High-heeled, steel sandals :3

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It sure is a cute outfit!

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Ideally the pillow has both versions, one on each side.

She really looks very huggable.

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Oh yes, just need to make a backup view, or at least more alternate outfits for a back side

Heretic1311's avatar

How many version do you intend to make?

Would it be possible to combine them then?

Like, i would want one with prison on the one side and dress version on the other?

And where do i order them?

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Well I was going to make a few more alt outfits, not sure if I can make them like 'order-able' I was just going place a order myself on etsy one of the shops does 60in two sided pillow prints for about $20

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That sounds good, can you make the same kind of personal stuff as Tee-Spring where YouTubers and such have their merchandise?

I got me shirts from Shadiversity, Spacedocks and a couple of others as well as that shirt i ordered myself on Tee-spring:

Sunstone fan shirt i made on Teespring

It´s from Shiniez´ Sunstone GN, i made this before he got his own shirt online store.

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I'll be honest, was very 'eh' on the first post. But this one I might very well buy if it were put on sale

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I'll try to make more designs and other poses, and see about sales might be special order

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