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Cherry T-Shirt Design

Hey guys, worked long and hard to bring you this new shirt design (I will be printing the unchained version) I will be offering for my $25+ per month Patreon rewards tier on
I used a new style of coloring and it took FOREVER so I dont think I'll be doing this again anytime soon, even if it looks cool *_*
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somehow, I knew it was only a matter of time before all those rings on the outfit got used for something...
SozokuReed's avatar
Oh those?  Yeah, I was thinking the same thing XD
quinmchale's avatar
That's a great design! :wow:
SozokuReed's avatar
Thank you =) I will have them available for purchase soon if you're interested ;)
Dark-Lina's avatar
meow you look good !
SozokuReed's avatar
Why thank you meow! ;)
Caraig's avatar
May have taken forever, but the results are undeniable!  Cherry's never looked so cutely smug. ^_^
SozokuReed's avatar
I wish I could color like this more, its really nice, but if I didnt have a full day off I could have never gotten this done ~_~
seradenoir's avatar
and after she got kinda trounced in the comic =P

But yes, lovely work indeed
SozokuReed's avatar
Welllllll you cant keep a kitten down, they always land on their feet right?!
seradenoir's avatar
You ... make a valid point.  And I suspect she has two or three lives left too ...
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