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Ok, who saw this coming??  Thats a lot of restraints for such a small girl =x
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I do love this panel ;)
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<3 I know right!!
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... because getting angry and yelling at the guy who put you in the dungeon in the first place is a surefire way to get him to let you loose...
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Well, its worth a shot right? =D
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should have saw that comin
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Its a secret to everyone =3
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That's one uncooperative prisoner! I like her already. x) Although I've been watching you for a long time, I never actually read your original work, but I still recognize these two from previous images. Looking forward to getting to know them as a newcomer.
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She is still my fav, well one of my favs.  It is nice to rework my story and give it slightly new angles and hopefully get new fans too!
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Thank you, I was hoping =D
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O___O.................................well whaddya WAS Laurel...................heh, guess she isn't gonna take the "helpless damsel" role this time lol.  And DANG that is a lot of chains and shackles.  I know the guy's a villain but DANG!!!  He certainly went overboard, but then again, he has good reason to if she's the "same" Laurel from the previous installment lol.

Have to admit, the Villain seems quite calm and collected for "kidnapping and chaining" a beauty here.  It's kinda unnerving cause we don't know what he might try.  Guess we'll find out next pages coming out.
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Deep down I think she is still afraid, but she has to act tough for the viewers till they can get to know the real her!
Well I think the bad guys are better all carefully planned and cool, way more fun to wright about LE characters than CE in my opinion.
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She needs a ball gag. It's compulsory for her... :(
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I dont think it would have been the same without talking lol
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i disagree..... i think she needs a few more in all honesty. her arm movements have not been restricted and she can still knee him if he gets close. plus she might try and bite him......what else?Thinking... 
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Haha that icon is so cute and great!  Well maybe if she acts up she'll get more XD
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meh better to prevent a crisis early.
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what? oh im just thinking in that icon.
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