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Reed is so nice =3
Wonder who that could be that they hear?
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Love this story so far!
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"Come crazy ass wizard too I think." What?
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Oh, thats supposed to be 'Some' crazy ass wizard, I shall correct that!
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That makes more sense.
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Reed *may* be misreading Sam just a tiny bit. =)

Enjoying this so far!  I was always wondering about all the characters' backstories.
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Yeah, I guess starting from scratch makes it a little harder to fool the people who already know... but at least you can watch them grow all over again!
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I'm guessing wooden shoes...or ponies...or I love Shetland ponies *random thought*
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=3 I do love the sound of wood... even though I guess on grass it would be more like MUSH MUSH MUSH lol
But it could be a pony! 
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Oh please be a Shetland pony :3
*lol- I wont be down if its not xD*
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Oh man those are so small.... well what if it was a pony girl? XD
jk its probably just Raya cause she always wears her favorite wooden shoes!
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Yay :D Raya! better than small ponies!
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I wouldn't say this to Reed's face, but I'm starting to suspect who wears the trousers in this party. :p
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Well, she can be quite strong willed lol, but I think its a mutual thing
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INB4 a Brony makes a joke about "clopping".
Freddy Hue-bear 
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