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Aysis Pony

Who doesn't love a girl in leather amitire? Can I hear it for the hottest Egyptian succubus out there? ;)
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Aysis stirred into consciousness. She felt some coldness from the concrete floor she was lying on. Her eyes opened, seeing a chain dangling from the cold, concrete ceiling. It seemed to dangle just below her head. A rush of panic surged through her as she realised it was secured to her neck. She quickly began noticing the features of her harness as she scrambled to her feet. The gag, the leather straps, the shackles, the tail. She knew exactly what had been latched into her. A ponygirl harness.

A part of Aysis' mind quickly acknowledged the truth. She was on a leash, and didn't have the key. Her days of freedom were over, and she would almost certainly spend the rest of her life as the captive of whoever had restrained her. Of course, it would take some time for the rest of her mind to come to the same conclusion.

Aysis was familiar with the ponygirl treatment. She had seen women desperately struggle as its straps were secured around their body. Once it was on, the victim had already been defeated. Months of pure humiliation and degradation followed, as the harness worked its way into the mind of its wearer. The victims eventually adopted one of two mindsets. The first, was the mindset of a pony. They accepted their new status, and began habitually adopting the equine mannerisms demanded by their captor. They allowed their mind to degrade to that of a real pony. The second mindset was that of a human forced into being a pony. They eventually became obedient, and the humiliation lessened as their dignity was destroyed. They acted like a pony, but their eyes always revealed their underlying contempt for their situation. They kept their mind, only for it to be trapped in an intolerable situation.

Aysis looked down at her body. As expected, there was plenty of her cleavage on show. She looked at her hands, which were secured together with a pair of shackles. She pulled them away from each other, tugging at the chain. Unsurprisingly, the chain held firm. Whoever had captured her had made sure that her bonds were inescapable. The thought of how she would end up darted across her mind. Girls that adopted the mind of a pony were typically weak-willed. But at least they seemed reasonably happy. What was she thinking? She shook the thought out of her mind, and tugged at the chain keeping her in place. She wasn't going to be conquered and tamed, she was going to escape!

Unfortunately, the chain didn't budge. Aysis was staying right there, until her captor decided to free her. And she suspected that they weren't going to do so without adding some additional restraints to her hands, legs, and wings. As she gazed back down, she heard the chiming of bells. A shake of her head confirmed her suspicion. She was wearing bells as earrings! She reached up, and gently pushed the right bell. It let out a chime that would have been quite pleasant in any other context. She imagined the sight of the bells chiming as she was paraded around, with passer-bys looking on in a mixture of amusement and pity. As was becoming commonplace, she shunted the unwelcome thought out of her mind. Just as it left, an even worse one entered: "You won't have to imagine for long."

With nothing else to do, Aysis' inspection of her own harness continued. She felt a jolt of surprise as a glob of drool escaped from her gag, falling on her cleavage. The bit-gag caused uncontrollable drooling, and most handlers demanded their ponies stand straight, mainly for the purpose of ensuring maximum humiliation. She leaned over slightly, allowing the inevitable further drool to fall to the ground. Trying to distract herself, she began counting and feeling the padlocks she was wearing. Two on her hands, two on her corset, three securing that strap, one on her bra, one on her collar, two on her foot-shackles, and two on her bridle. Thirteen. Thirteen locks between her and freedom.

Aysis' attention turned to the final few distractions. Her gag was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. The plume extending above her bridle felt soft, and added considerably to the height of her shadow. And of course, the tail. She managed to wrestle her hands behind her back, running her fingers through the soft, silky hair. She paced herself back and forth, in the small radius allowed by her leash. As expected, her bells chimed, the shackles binding her feet together were a nuisance, and the tail swished and brushed against her rear incessantly. The walk of a ponygirl.

Finally, Aysis accepted her situation. She was now a slave. She was to be kept as a ponygirl. She was going to be humiliated on a daily basis. Her ass was going to be receiving a fair share of whippings. And as painful as her situation was now, it was going to get a lot worse. Just as she realised that she should savour the time she was being left alone, footsteps began approaching. Her taming was about to begin.
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A wonderful leather suit !

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I really like the design, would be cool to see it come to life XD

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Aysis looks lovel here reed! it's great to see you arting like this! :D

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Thanks! Feels good to have a few moments to draw again

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Such a lovely pony, i want to ride her from Alexandria to Hamunaptra and back!

Oh, this is a very good Aysis!!!

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Ya came out really nice I dig it

Gosh dang, how does this exist it is too good my dude. mega props.

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Thank you :) I have a few more arts with the gear like this but I think this is the best close up!

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You ARE Tire! :-)

The best thing about Pony gear is the implication that it's on for the long haul.

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Hahah yes I see! If only we could get more use from the set I own but need to get that treadmill first

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Craig's List. Hell, there should be a number coming on the market with all the new year's resolution failures.

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Oh, we're gonna let her hear it all right.. *Whip-twirling noises* *CRACK* *SNAP* ;P

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She'd probably be saying that, if'n she weren't gagged :lol:

Oh, I'm sure the gag can let out some grunts and squeals and the like. You've got to let her inform you about how good you are with the whip!

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Can't add more to that, haha! =D

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