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A Prison for Poldara

Poldara is next up to spend some time in these lovely shacks ;) But she seems pretty calm about it? Who do you think next deserves to spend some time in here?
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I see your Damsel-fication is eternal ... ... :XD:

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It seems to be quite popular now!

No Suprise there ;) you do your adorable Damsel-Artworks since Ages by now :D

Perhaps a nicely chained Rocky-friend for Cherry?

I think Laurel should be next.

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Let's go with Fehl now, I'd love to see some unlikely girls in prison.

I'll vote for Aysis.

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I vote for Laurel to join her older sister next! But better gag her too just to be safe...

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Lovely work on poldara here! she see's freedom in her future i think reed xD no wonder she's so calm! will mandi be next? or will we see anohter angel behind bars? or a demon imprisoned perhaps...

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I've had a few for her, and Sorbet, we will have to see!

Oh, does THAT guy know us or does THAT guy know us?

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I'll say he does. "Did someone say, THUNDERFURY BLESSED BLADE OF THE WINDSEEKER" :XD:

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