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A Prison for Cherry

All inmates are required to wear super cute halter crop tops and lace trim panties as well as silvered metal sandals.  Struggle all you want but you'll be here a while! ;)
Happy Memorial day everyone
PS- who's next?!
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Wow, hands behind her back and a gag!!! It's a dream.

Mettwurscht's avatar

Who´s next you ask? Can I volunteer? (^-^)/

Love the little bells in addition to the heavy chains. Movement is already very restricted, but even the slightest move will make those bells go BING BING BING :D

KatMiLo's avatar

Was gonna say Cherry, CHERRY IS THE BEST - Ill fight people!

SozokuReed's avatar

Wowwww! I guess the secret is to put girls in a dungeon lol, I got like 500 favs and 50 new watchers in 24 hours how insane! XD

KatMiLo's avatar

I'm not surprised haha xD but if it's working for you, keep going lol

lusaphira's avatar

A really nice set of chains !

SozokuReed's avatar

I like it, wish we had a setup like this at home!

Peisistratos's avatar

Got to be Laurel next! And she should get a cleave gag to accompany her cute outfit!

SozokuReed's avatar

I'll work on her soon, you know I love my girl :)

Let's get another vote in for Poldara! (I'm predictable lol)

ErikaInmate's avatar

I'll second the vote for Poldara!

Higan-Retour's avatar

Who's next? How about Poldara?

SozokuReed's avatar

I think that's a good idea, the hair would look nice :3

diNorian's avatar

Even better. Great work.

SozokuReed's avatar

Thank you! I think I'll keep this going!

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