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Liara cosplay - Shepard's shirt

This was bound to happen eventually, considering the amount of ME apparel I have...

Although I'm more of a Shakarian, my first romance was with Liara. From the first game through the the third I was loyal to her with my completely paragon femShep. Ohh those were the days.
So let's just pretend that we're back in those times and Liara has stolen/ found Shep's shirt and decided to try it on for size. ;)

Liara belongs to Bioware

Photo, makeup and cosplay by Sal (Myself).
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Have you thought about having a youtube channel? do react like this? doing this wonderful cosplay?

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This Liara cosplay has to be one of the best I've seen (:
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do you also have a youtube channel?
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Do you know who let this in my group :icontheshepardeffect: ?
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I don't. In fact I didn't even know it was in your group. 
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Your cosplay as Liara is so realistic, it's almost as if the asaris exist. And you look gorgeous as her. :) 
Soylent-cosplay's avatar
Thank you very much ^///^
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No problem. :) You look outlandishly sexy in this. And your cosplay in this picture really accentuates your looks. 
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Hi. This was posted some days ago at 9gag (see…) and I just did some searching to wind up her.
This. Is. AWESOME! I immersed deeply into Mass Effect and the when meeting Liara for the first time I was actually stunned (it helps that blue is my favorite color ^^) and really hoped she'd be a romance option. And she was. She's so beautiful and so are you in those pictures. You're lucky you're most likely far away from where I live or else I'd be all over you :) If that sounds creepy let me tell you that 1. it's only meant as a compliment and 2. English is not my native language. Kudos for that fantastic work!
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Your cosplay is amazing! Its really well done! I love the paints you used! Very beautiful colors.
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Thank you very much!
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Amazing Makeup 
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Wow you look fantastic, I can't wait to see the entire ensemble.......You are going to make an armour set to go with this right?
Soylent-cosplay's avatar
Haha yes, I do plan on making the rest of the cosplay. I was on the fence about which armour to create though :/ I was going to do her grey armour (the one that looks like shepards) but I think that maybe I should give her Shadow Broker ensemble a try? ^^'  I can't decide...
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Go with the shadow broker. It's iconic.
Very impressive, well done.
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Great make up,I was thinking for a moment if this is a real asari :P
Soylent-cosplay's avatar
haha Oh I wish! Thank you very much!
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WOW. my heat stopped for a moment.
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I love you.

I mean..

You know..

Maybe a little..

Is the seam Photoshopped in this shot as well?
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Haha thank you? :3

And yeah...I have unfortunately not mastered the art of masking the seams yet, considering that this was my first try. Eventually I'll get it and it will require no photoshop!
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