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Lots of beautiful third party reveals from this year's TFCon. I might have to visit Canada next year!

Here's some highlights that I've picked:
:pointr: MMC CommotusA figure representing Turmoil from the IDW comics.
:pointr: MMC Femmes Super Thread: New up close shots were taken of all the femmes that MMC has lined up. For those not in the know, MMC Azalea will be their version of an IDW-esque Arcee that will be retooled into the Paradon Medic, Elita-1, and Solus Prime.
:pointr: MMC Titaknika: MMC's take on Strika. I hope it's not another Azalea/not-Arcee retool. Strika needs to be big, chunky, and powerful.
:pointr: MMC Anarchus: A third party figure of Kaon from the DJD in the IDW comics!
:pointr: MMC Cynicus: Vos, a second DJD member that MMC teased at the convention this year. I wonder if his face is removable.
:pointr: Clip-on claws for MMC's Feral Rex/not-Predaking
:pointr: Perfect Effect Leonidas: A third party Lio Convoy for all you Beast Wars II fans!
:pointr: Maketoys Rear-End: A more comic book-accurate IDW Tailgate. Their Swerve and Gears figures were fantastic, so I'm eager to see more images.
:pointr: Maketoys Pendiuns: Better renders and up close prototype photos of Maketoys' take on Scorponok. It is BEASTLY!
:pointr: Maketoys Quantron: Better, up close shots of Maketoys' not-Computron in combined mode.
:pointr: Maketoys Guardia Thread: Teaser images, renders, and prototypes were shown for another gestalt that Maketoys is working on. Their interpretation of Defensor looks promising and the prototypes for the Protectobots shown are rather nice. First Aid is a bit too lanky looking for my tastes though.

:pointr: FansProject LER-02 Thread: FansProject's Slag figure.
:pointr: FansProject LER-03: FansProject's Swoop figure. It's a bit odd how the renders show him with his colors from the G1 cartoon while the other Dinobots don't.

FansProject Columpio: Peaugh and Vangelus review the TFCon-exclusive redeco of FansProject's upcoming not-Sludge with the bonus Microman homage figure. Despite initial skepticism due to my negative and jaded reaction to FP fanboysim, not-Sludge-Columpio appears to be a very solid and beautifully crafted figure. Each of the figures will even come with an Arms Micron-eque sidekick. Well done, FP!
:pointr: Peaugh's Review:

:pointr: Vangelus' Review:
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Just make sure to leave yours as well!

Life's been going pretty well for me. I got a job at a corporate office and I'm loving it. Apparently I'm an absolute workaholic and the bosses really like how I'm enjoying my job. They offer great benefits too! I get so much paid vacation time for a new employee! The insurance is great and the pay is amazing!

I think this is the first time that I've been truly happen in my entire life. I haven't felt like this since... grade school?

Anyways, I've been buying a ton of stuff since the money that I've allocated for luxury items is pretty substantial. I'm running out of room though and I don't plan on buying more display areas until I've bought a house of my own. So....

Time to continue selling some more stuff! PM me if you've got any G1 Micromasters or old Power Ranger Zord parts too! I wouldn't mind doing some trades! Also, feel free to PM me if you're looking for any specific figures from the Michael Bay films. I might have them in storage.

Feel free to shoot me a PM with reasonable offers if you're interested in anything. STUPID OFFERS WILL BE IGNORED.

All figures are loose and complete (unless otherwise noted).
Bullet; Blue Alternity Ultra Magnus (complete with original packaging)
Bullet; Blue ROTF Voyager Mixmaster
Bullet; Blue DOTM Voyager Shockwave

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I just have some stuff I'm trying to get rid of since I'm running out of room. I'm only taking offers from people in the US due to shipping.

Feel free to shoot me a reasonable offer if you're interested in anything. STUPID OFFERS WILL BE IGNORED.

All figures are loose and complete (unless otherwise noted).
:bulletblue: Alternity Ultra Magnus (complete with original packaging)
:bulletblue: Classics Megatron (Original Hasbro release)
:bulletblue: Classics Optimus Prime (Some missing paint applications and slight wear on his head; PM me for more details): SOLD!
:bulletblue: GDO Wheelie: SOLD!
:bulletblue: Animated Jetfire and Jetstorm: SOLD!
:bulletblue: ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime (minor paint apps applied; PM me for details)
:bulletblue: ROTF Leader Class Megatron (minor paint apps applied; PM me for details): SOLD!
:bulletblue: ROTF Voyager Mixmaster
:bulletblue: DOTM Voyager Shockwave
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You heard/read right! CenoKibble, the editor, writer, and publisher for well known third party company Mastermind Creations, Mech Idea's "mother" company, announed MI's Techno Toon Titans line over at TFW2005. Check out the link for more info!

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Some more sprites/ideas that I'd like to get done. I'm also thinking about changing the name of the series to Chronicles of the Golden Age (CotGA) or the Golden Age Chronicles (GAC) since the designs are of Cybertronian/prewar origin.

:bulletblue: Sandstorm
:bulletblue: Fortress Maximus
:bulletblue: The "Dynobots"
:bulletblue: Mainframe
:bulletblue: IDW's Quark
:bulletblue: Bulkhead
:bulletblue: Pharma
:bulletblue: Autotrooper revamp
:bulletblue: Kup revamp
:bulletblue: Orion Pax revamp
:bulletblue: Ironfist revamp
:bulletblue: Springer revamp
:bulletblue: Tracks revamp
:bulletblue: Femmebots revamps

:bulletred: G1 Scourge
:bulletred: Thunderblast revamp
:bulletred: Complete Abominus (HA!)
:bulletred: Insecticons revamps
:bulletred: TFA Oil Slick
:bulletred: Lugnut
:bulletred: G2 Nightracer
:bulletred: The Decepticon Justice Division
:bulletred: Battlechargers revamp
:bulletred: Cassettecons revamp

:bulletgreen: The Thirteen Primes
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The first 20 people comment this journal, I will put their avatar
and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!
If you comment, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place.
The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1) :iconbdixonarts:
Drift colors by BDixonarts Hell Storm colors by BDixonarts mortal kombats scorpion by BDixonarts

2) :iconisrael42:
Easter Transformers by Israel42 TFA:Barrowed one wheel by Israel42 TFPrime: For-Tuner by Israel42

3) :iconthescarletmercenary:
:thumb317783501: :thumb323633688: :thumb328593500:

4) :iconskylerfarrier:
Jetstream (full) by SkylerFarrier Skyler Farrier anime by SkylerFarrier Trailracer bust by SkylerFarrier

5) :iconladyempathy:
:thumb299948812: :thumb328808058: :thumb322522327:

6) :iconsoulless--one:
PrimeWIP by Soulless--one Beginnings 1 by Soulless--one Science, saviors, tradegy by Soulless--one

7) :iconeaglespirit1:
shadowsoul icon by eaglespirit1 Starscream the second in command by eaglespirit1 Creature Auction 3 ended by eaglespirit1

8) :iconwindblade-zero:
RTS JAZZ ICON by WindBlade-Zero Tfp-BulkheadFEAni by WindBlade-Zero TFP Dragstrip Icon by WindBlade-Zero

9) :iconaa-artwork:
TFA Optimus Prime ANIMATION by AA-Artwork Toa Mata by AA-Artwork TF Animated Poster by AA-Artwork
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:bulletblue: Modify Ambulon (maybe add in splotches of his original purple paint job)
:bulletblue: Fix/improve Sunstorm's animation
:bulletblue: Rodimus/Hot Rod :pointr: Both need revamps
:bulletblue: Brawn :pointr: Consider doing another revamp
:bulletblue: Drift :pointr: Make another revamp that's less anime-styled
:bulletblue: Prowl/Bluestreak/Smokescreen :pointr: Need revamps
:bulletblue: Ultra Magnus :pointr: Needs a revamp
:bulletblue: Cyclonus :pointr: Needs a revamp
:bulletblue: First Aid :pointr: Needs a revamp
:bulletblue: Tailgate :pointr: Consider redoing or tweaking the sprite
:bulletblue: Sandstorm
:bulletblue: Siren
:bulletblue: (Emirate) Xaaron
:bulletblue: Fortress Maximus
:bulletblue: Skids
:bulletblue: TFA Oil Slick
:bulletblue: Bayformers Barricade
:bulletblue: The Decepticon Justice Division
:bulletblue: Mainframe (possibly)
:bulletblue: The Thirteen (possibly)
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I've done a lot of these guys in the past, but this list is still going to kill me...

:bulletblue: Bob
:bulletblue: Sunstreaker
:bulletblue: Blaster
:bulletblue: Brainstorm
:bulletblue: Brawn :pointr: Consider doing another revamp
:bulletblue: Chromedome
:bulletblue: Cosmos
:bulletblue: Drift :pointr: Make the revamp less anime-styled
:bulletblue: Gears
:bulletblue: Grapple
:bulletblue: Hoist
:bulletblue: Hound
:bulletblue: Huffer
:bulletblue: Inferno
:bulletblue: Perceptor
:bulletblue: Pipes
:bulletblue: Powerglide
:bulletblue: Ratchet
:bulletblue: Red Alert
:bulletblue: Rewind
:bulletblue: Rodimus
:bulletblue: Rung
:bulletblue: Sandstorm
:bulletblue: Smokescreen :pointr: Needs updating
:bulletblue: Siren
:bulletblue: Swerve
:bulletblue: Trailbreaker
:bulletblue: Ultra Magnus :pointr: Needs updating
:bulletblue: Xaaron
:bulletblue: Ambulon
:bulletblue: Cyclonus :pointr: Needs updating
:bulletblue: First Aid
:bulletblue: Fortress Maximus
:bulletblue: Skids
:bulletblue: Tailgate :pointr: Consider redoing or tweaking the sprite
:bulletblue: Whirl

Secondary: (May not do that many of them)
:bulletblue: Aquafend
:bulletblue: Boss
:bulletblue: Deftwing
:bulletblue: Doubletap
:bulletblue: Fizzle
:bulletblue: Highbrow
:bulletblue: Jackpot
:bulletblue: Mainframe
:bulletblue: Pointblank
:bulletblue: Powerflash
:bulletblue: Rad
:bulletblue: Rollout
:bulletblue: Sureshot
:bulletblue: Turbine
:bulletblue: Dogfight
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A really cool custom Transformer that I checked out over at TFW:…

It's a very clever use of the mold and I think I might give this custom a try when the (not so exclusive) Asia exclusives Springer comes out in the US.

Saw this yesterday:…

The first, new mechanic for Return to Ravnica is called "populate". Seems like it'll be neat and very popular with people that build token-generating Selesnya decks. Depending on good the cards are, they'll definitely see usage in Rhys the Redeemed EDH decks.

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Link to the photos and review:…

I had so much hope for this figure and I was greatly anticipating it...

... what a piece of crap.
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You can find the article and scans here:…

I don't really like how Masterpiece figures are so out of scale, so I never really have any interest in them, though the Sideswipe prototype looks pretty nice. I love how it's very cartoon accurate. They'll probably retool the figure into a MP Sunstreaker, which would be neat to see as well.

The weapon mode for the Vehicon's Micron looks pretty sweet. I'm glad that I already pre-ordered mine. I'm liking the look of Breakdown and Voyager Starscream's Microns as well.

This is probably our first, clear shot of the Breakdown mold and it looks pretty good, at first glance. I'll have to wait to see in-hand images of Hasbro's version of the figure before I make a call on it. As for Knockout, the shiny, chrome goodness of TakaraTomy's version almost makes the figure not look like crap... almost...
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Gallery of Images can be found here:…

As I expected, FoC Jazz and Optimus don't look that great, but that Shockwave still looks awesome.
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The thread I started up over at the official LoL forums:…

Mainly stuff for me to keep track of...

Changes Made:
- Weakened Amumu's upkeep ping and gave it a mana cost. Also added Yordle to his creature type.
- Increased the activation cost for Annie's activated ability
- Increased the activation cost for Brand's activated ability
- Nerfed Catilyn's passive lockdown
- Added a mana cost to Kog'Maw's activated ability
- Changed Fiora's CMC to WW from 1W and reduced damage prevention from 3 to 2
- Lulu's "polymorph" changes a creature to a 0/1 squirrel rather than a 1/1 squirrel
- Mudno's proliferation can now only be done once per turn at sorcery speed
- Changed Galio's AA to "Prevent the next 3 damage done to target creature or player other than Galio, the Sentinel's Sorrow." from "Prevent the next 5 damage done to target creature or player."
- Gragas no longer grows from the accumulation of +1/+1 counters. The +1/+1 growth now only lasts until the end of the turn
- Increased the activation cost for Karma's AA to 3 from 2 and changed it to "Choose one - Target creature you control gains haste until end of turn or tap target creature an opponent controls.
- Added a mana cost to Kog's activated ability and nerfed his triggered ability to the following: "When Kog'Maw dies, it deals 3 damage to target opponent."
- Swain:
>>>>> Add tapping into his AA's cost and change the mana cost to UUU from 2U
>>>>> Change Ravenous Flock form to a 5/5 from a 7/7
- Changed Morgana's white AA to "Target creature gains protection from spells of the color of your choice until end of turn." from her Mother of Runes effect.
- Reduced Skarner's P/T to 1/3 from 2/4
- Reduced Nasus' toughness from 3+* to 1+*
- Changed Nidalee's activated ability from "T: Add GG to your mana pool" to static forestwalk.
- NERFED Soraka. 'Nuff said...
- Spiced up Sion.
- Tweaked the wording on Pantheon
- Buffed Ryze.
- Decreased brand's P/T from 3/3 to 2/2. Removed his activated ability and made it affect only one player based on a trigger from dealing combat damage to that player.
- Increased Singed's CMC from 4 to 6 and made the colored requirement higher so that he's more difficult to cast. Also increased his P/T from 2/5 to 3/6.
- Nerfed Nasus: Got rid of his hand-based P/T mechanic and made him a 2/4. Also gave him lifelink.
- Fixed the wording on Tristana's activated ability.
- Buffed Twisted Fate's activated ability from a single card to Brainstorm to compensate for intensive use of blue, the requirement of winning a clash, and its lack of speed.
- Tweaked Shyvana
- Fixed the typo on Pantheon so that he doesn't kill himself.
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Can't seem to get the transform cards update from the Innistrad set to work with Magic Set Editor -_-

Online forums aren't helping...
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:bulletblue: First Edition TFP Bumblebee > RiD Deluxe Bumblebee. End of story. I wouldn't even bother trying to get the RiD one. If you really want a TFP Bumblebee figure, check out online stores. Hell, Hasbro Toy Shop still has the 2011 NYCC exclsuive pack in stock on their site if you dig the neat taxi deco on Bumblebee.

:bulletblue: Deluxe RiD TFP Knockout... Even if he is mistransformed in the product shot, I'm still not feeling it...

Hopefully this year's CHUG line will be awesome, as usual. I want to see how the FOC Jazz and Shockwave in Wave 1 look.

:bulletblue: As for Bruticus, all five of the Combaticons will be Deluxe class CHUG figures and we've already seen the gestalt's upper chest and headsculpt as well as Brawl and Swindle. This... this is awesome...…

:bulletblue: New Vehicon mold. I knew it was supposed to be better than the First Edition one, and man, after seeing it today, I'm really liking how it looks! No massive backpack and the kibble on the arms seem to be prety minimal. I'd like the see the visor painted or have red light-piping on the final product but, if not, it's not hard to fix. I'm kind of tempted to army build with them.

:bulletblue: While I don't like the Deluxe Knockout figure, the Cyberverse Legends class Knockout looks so much better than the Deluxe one! He even has his shockstaff AND his buzzsaw. Too bad he's in this Energon Driller playset, so you'd have to get that too... I'm tempted.

:bulletblue: We finally get a larger, hi-res (although still heavily Photoshopped lol) product shot of the Hot Shot retool from the RiD Deluxe Bumblebee. The headsculpt looks pretty decent, but the mold is still crap, so I'm on the fence about this.

:bulletblue: NEW ARCEEEEEEE! When we speculating from the tiny photo that she might be better than Arcee, we were kind of right XD I'm happy to see that it's as good as the FE version, it's even more show accurate than the original. The kibble spikes on her back are still kind of out there, but they're not as bad as the kibble on FE Arcee, especially since the spikes on the RiD version resemble the ones in the show a bit more...
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What is this shit?

Hasbro is canceling the First Edition line of Transformers Prime stuff before some of the figures even hit our shelves. We're losing out on Voyager Optimus, Bulkhead, and the double blaster Cliffjumper.

If you live in Canada, let me know... I need a Bulkhead...
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And then I jizzed in my pants...…
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Saw this the other day, but didn't bother to share this to many people…!

A bit kibbly, but I like the figure quite a bit. I need to resist any urge to army build with this fellow.
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Starting a new series of portraits. I'm planning to kick things off with The Breastforce... aka Team Kaiser if we're modernizing stuff for the Prime continuity.

Choosing alt modes for these fellas is proving to be really difficult though. Some of the characters are in desperate need of modernization, like Drillhorn and Jallguar/Jaruga.

Since I'm trying to use alt modes that are cutting edge, I've been doing a lot of research on Fifth Generation fighter jets. Sadly, there are no red ones for me to use for Gaihawk :(

Lemme know what you think.