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I'm bigger than my demons

"They used to rule over me...
terrorize me..
they made me afraid of them...

But then I started to talk to them... 
to command them... 
and finally
am the one who control them."

This is one of my old ideas I always wanted to make, but I was afraid to start it until I'm more comfortable with digital drawing (yet not fully satisfied with the results). Same situation with my other original characters...
The main idea was visualizing different personalities in one person, kind of schizophrenia or dissociative personality disorder, in which she count the others as demons with whom she has to cope with. This picture stands for the victory of her... and for many.

Aaaand yeah, I love big contrasts, I wanted it to be black and white but finally I added some colors and everybody I asked about that loved it more... hope you agree with them as well :)
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Really amazing - great upload! Beauty!
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Thank you really much!
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Ehhh I'm getting tired of writing all these compliments :D
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You already did your best with the advices ^^
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your picture, the background with the effects, the emotion and the colours, I almost forgot to breath.
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Wow, thank you very much for your comment, this means a lot for me ^^
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I love how you made this. It reflects what you wanted to achieve. The concept is cool, and dark at the same time. Imagine actually doing something like that. (Then again, controlling other people's demons would be cooler. Ehehe~)

And yes, adding color made it look much much better.
 Cat nods 

And may I ask, are the first lines from a song? Can I ask what the title is?
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Thank you very much for your kind reply ^^ It's good to hear that it turned out the right way.
Controlling other people's demons? Sounds awesome, you are genius!! :D
And for your question, yes I was inspired by a song but that line is not in the lyrics literally.
The song is Halsey - Control and you can find the lyrics here:…
I awfully love this song and the lyrics is just awesome and expressing. I hope you will like that ^^
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Thanks! Perhaps you can make a part 2 to this? Eh? Eh?


Thanks for the song btw. I have yet to hear it, but I think I'll like it.
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