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This group has very few rules, but I'd just like to point them out anyways.

1. The art must have ponies of some sort or pony related matters in it.
2. I am fine with all mature art (especially violence), but please you must put a warning for us.
3. Please do not submit art more than once. If you accidentally send it twice that's ok, but don't keep sending stuff over and over. And please submit it to the right folder.
4. No personal advertising.
5. The art must have ponies of course, communism, and/or Soviets in it. (War, battles, guns, flags, political, military, etc.)
6. NO NAZIS! This is SOVIET Equestria; not Nazi Equestria.

Well that's it. Anyways enjoy the group. :)


Stalin Pinkie Pie by Birdco Stalin Pinkie Pie :iconbirdco:Birdco 13 12 Pegasus Communist by redcube12 Pegasus Communist :iconredcube12:redcube12 1 0 Soviet Pinkie by VittleVoom Soviet Pinkie :iconvittlevoom:VittleVoom 8 9 Soviet Dash Heli Gunner by SovietDash Soviet Dash Heli Gunner :iconsovietdash:SovietDash 28 14 Fluttershy and I-16. by Filincool Fluttershy and I-16. :iconfilincool:Filincool 69 35 Soviet Applejack and Soviet Rainbow Dash - Color by Soviet-Applejack Soviet Applejack and Soviet Rainbow Dash - Color :iconsoviet-applejack:Soviet-Applejack 5 1 The Great and Soviet Trixie - Color by Soviet-Applejack The Great and Soviet Trixie - Color :iconsoviet-applejack:Soviet-Applejack 27 14 Against Chaos! by BTedge116 Against Chaos! :iconbtedge116:BTedge116 104 13 Soviet Dash Cutie Mark V2 by SovietDash Soviet Dash Cutie Mark V2 :iconsovietdash:SovietDash 46 18 Vodka is Magic by SovietDash Vodka is Magic :iconsovietdash:SovietDash 35 13 Soviet Dash Jet Pilot by SovietDash Soviet Dash Jet Pilot :iconsovietdash:SovietDash 66 24 Shrugpony - SovietDash by SovietDash Shrugpony - SovietDash :iconsovietdash:SovietDash 4 0 Commander Typhoon by SovietDash Commander Typhoon :iconsovietdash:SovietDash 29 6 Navy Rarity by tensaioni Navy Rarity :icontensaioni:tensaioni 338 100 Solar Empire iPod/iPhone Wallpaper by AlphaMuppet Solar Empire iPod/iPhone Wallpaper :iconalphamuppet:AlphaMuppet 49 11 Solar Empire Animation Request by L4m3ness Solar Empire Animation Request :iconl4m3ness:L4m3ness 39 29

Gallery Folders

union by Mistleinn
Pony sniper redraw by ivan-the-pony
Little Red by ivan-the-pony
My Shootout. by TemerDzafarowo
More Than One Character
Fallout:Stalliongrad by Ponyarchuk
Spring by MrScroup
Next stop-Canterlot! by Ponyarchuk
Revolution Leaders by MrScroup
Princess Celestia
Soviet Equestria by Grumbeerkopp
Orden 3d by Kutejnikov
Order of Celestia by Kutejnikov
Soviet Equestria Celestia Wallpaper (1280x720) by Grumbeerkopp
Princess Luna
Juche princess by Bacbko
Luna in Siberia by TsaritsaLuna
DPRK-Luna by Bacbko
Soviet Luna by TsaritsaLuna
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight and ISU-152 by Bacbko
Tovarischa Sparkle by A4R91N
[RA Soviet] Starshina Twilight Sparkle by A4R91N
Untouchable by CrimsonLynx97
Rainbow Dash
Tovarischa Dash by A4R91N
Rainbow Dash pilot by alexey29
Rainbow Dash Cossack uniform. by GennadyKalugina
My little Metro - 2033 is Magic by TasteThePinkie
Pinkie Pie
Soviet Pinkie for your soul by chirin98
Communism is a party by RainbowTrixie
Pony Alert 3 Uprising (Game Cover) by Snivinerior
BT-7A by Bacbko
Tovarischa Rarity by A4R91N
Commission: Soviet Rarity by WhiteDiamondsLtd
The Great Sun of Truth - EQDV APPLEJACK by byLisboa
T-54 by MrScroup
Tovarischa Applejack by A4R91N
Applejack: kucyk z zasadami by ElSadzonka
Operation Removing Celestia (sketch) by CyrilUnicorn
Tovarischa Fluttershy by A4R91N
Fluttershy and I-16. by Filincool
Youth on airplanes! by LeRauxArt
Big Macintosh
Big Macintosh found a ZIL-130 by ELNiko070688
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Soviet Sweetie Belle by SovietSweetieBelle
Background Ponies
Ponies Und Panzer by Ardail
Soviet Spike by Comrade-Spy
New Lunar Republic Propaganda by Atta-CrossRoads
Flags, Banners, Symbolics
EKP(b) by Tomasz96
Battle Scenes
Crystal Revolution by Ponyarchuk
Tanks, Planes, Ships, Guns, ect.
Dushess and Allen driving KV-220 by DolphinFox
Space Race
Soyuz TMA Logo 2 by MrCity4000
Soviet Pony March by Fr3zo
Original Characters
Walther Palcovic  1960 by BRONYVAGINEER

Mature Content

Really big toy (nude version) by Farrington-DA
Soyuz Space Suit (Fix) by MrCity4000


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I've been putting this off for awhile, but I am finally leaving the Brony fandom. It's not for any trivial reason, but instead, I just feel as though I need to move on with my life. I have recently enrolled in college, and need to dedicate all my time to my schooling. To be blunt, it is very unlikely that I will be returning.

As for the admins, I am looking for someone who I can trust, and someone who is going to keep the group maintained. Please submit a "Note" to me if you wish to take control of the group, but keep in mind, I will be choosing three admins, and two of the will need to agree before any action can be made. Just to keep things in check. Anyways, let me know.
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This is a group for all of your Communist and Soviet My Little Pony artwork. So if you're a Brony and a Communist, you'll love it here.
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