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Wrong Portal!

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Leave it to the talented Bulushon to have fun and create a great pic!

This time Olga is having a turn as Chell, getting the drop on Hitler's goose-steppers! If you missed on playing these titles, Portal I mean, they were a blast! I love it! Next time perhaps we'll see her plundering tombs or fighting off zombies!

If you haven't had a chance to purchase issue one of my comic and see more of Bulushon's incredible work, the link is both above and below! Issue 2 is already in the works and every purchase goes towards creating further issues! Big thanks too GrowGetter!

Soviet Superwoman is my creation & property.
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Poor dude. Not a happy landing.

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He deserved it, because he was a soldier of HitlersThird Reich of hell and a willing servant of this cruel man, the most cruel person in history, far more devastating and devilish as Dschingis Khan for example.

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That's hilarious. :lol:

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That's gotta hurt

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Now there's a portal mod just asking to be made!
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That guard is dead
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This is a triumph! I'm making a note here, great success!

That is one damn good way to get the drop on Adolf's goons!

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Talk about a crushing defeat! :XD:

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This is a very sweet piece of art! Love it.

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Oof! Guy got squashed!

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