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The Iron Chancellor

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Rjukan Hydro Plant, Norway
February 1945

"THIS is how you kill someone!"*

The Iron Chancellor screamed as he slammed his giant metal fist home into the Soviet Superwoman's abdomen. As she struggled against his other massive hand which had her pinned to the back wall, he drove his fist back and slammed it forward again with the assistance of rocket propulsion. She coughed up a gout of blood when the jet powered fist connected with her stomach for a third time. In a wide sweeping motion, the armored Nazi scrapped her along the wall as he threw her across the room. She landed hard on her back, but managed to pivot herself and come up in a crouching position. Her belly was on fire and her uniform was worse for wear. Olga wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth, her teeth clenched as her opponent turned his attention back to her. This battle had already gone on far too long. The large, imposing black and red swastika adorned battle-suit took a few steps in her direction.

"And to think you gave Sturmbannführer Hauppman such troubles, the foolish woman. For all her biology and chemistry experiments and Aryan nonsense she should have realized that there was only one way to wipe out vermin like yourself and that is with technology! MY technology!"

Raising both hands forward a series of much small, unguided rockets blitzed outwards towards her in all directions. Instinctively she threw both her gloved hands across her face before she disappeared in a cloud of explosions that rocked the facility. The so-called "Iron Chancellor" was the code-name of Germany's top weapons developer, SS-Gruppenführer Hermann von Trotha. He had been instrumental in developing the countries V-1 and V-2 rocket program with von Braun and here at Rjukan he was in the final stages of securing German's heavy water project. Apparently with it he could develop a bomb with a new, unimaginable level of destruction. She had crossed swords with him once in 1944, when he had created a new form of deadly mustard gas he planned to fire over Russia. Olga had stopped his program there and destroyed his base, but the wily German had escaped. Apparently he had been busy working on this battle armor. Her orders were clear however: stop his program here at all costs.

The room was now covered in flames and there was a eerie silence for a few moments as the smoke began to clear and von Trotha looked to see if his hated foe was still alive. His answer came when she flew forward and slammed into his armored chest-plate with her shoulder, denting it inwards. The man inside let out a groan. She grabbed hold of it with both hands and began to pull. She would rip that scum out of there and make him...! Olga screamed out in pain as arcs of blue electricity shot out across the armored giant from hidden capacitors. It was enough to have fried a normal man and her hair stood on end as the current ran through her. Narrowing her eyes, she fired off a salvo of laser vision that arced across the chest-plate, ripping a hole along the side. The electricity shut down due to a breach in the armor.

The Chancellor grabbed her by the cape and jerked her head back. Olga grabbed hold of his armored chest and held tight even as she was being bent over backwards. His other fist slammed hard into her jaw causing her to shudder and grunt, but still she held on. He reared back again and this time she fired another blast of laser vision, right through his left arm. A couple of sparks erupted from inside as his arm locked up. Von Trotha cursed as he rapidly attempted to regain full-functionality in that limb. Soviet Superwoman on the other hand took his momentary distraction to rip a huge plate free from his torso in a shower of electricity and tiny popping explosions. The Chancellor whipped her around by her cape and slung her into the far wall cracking it with her impact.

"You are a troublesome bitch! I will enjoy presenting your charred remains to the Führer!"

The mechanical monstrosity rushed at her as she was prone, shaking off the last hit. He loomed over top of her, both fists raised to crush her like a bug. Olga threw her left fist straight up like a missile, connecting hard with the armored head of the machine. It crumpled upwards from the force, releasing a new shower of red hot sparks. Von Trotha staggered backwards a few steps. Spinning around, she grabbed hold of it's already injured left arm and with a cry of determination she ripped it free for it's mount. The exposed shoulder exploded as spraying hydraulic fluids met with flames and electricity. Smaller explosions began to go off all over the bodysuit. Olga tossed the twitching robotic arm to the side and resumed a defensive stance. The Iron Chancellor was losing hydraulic fluid and power as systems overheated and shorted out all over the armor. He desperately attempted to continue the battle, but more and more it seemed hopeless.

Sensing that he was in no position to launch an offensive of his own, Soviet Superwoman raced over and slammed her fists into the side of the Iron Chancellor, throwing him sideways like a spinning top. He raised his remaining arm and launched another salvo of rockets in her direction. Olga moved past them with lightning speed and tackled the giant Nazi battle-suit, plowing it through the reinforced concrete wall of the hydro plant. Still holding the rapidly declining weapon of destruction, they both continued on through the next wall as well, blasting outside in a shower of rubble. The bright light of the morning sun blinded her temporarily but still she continued on using the Chancellor like a human battering ram. Von Trotha was screaming protests and shouts of "Nien! Nien!" could be heard from speakers as she shoved him forward with all her strength. The Nazi weaponeer flew out like a bullet before cascading over the cliff down the Rjukanfossen, the massive waterfall that powered the plant. Hermann von Trotha, the Iron Chancellor who had terrorized both England and Russia killing civilian targets with his rocket and gas attacks, plunged 34 stories straight down to the waterfall's rocky basin.


Another piece of magnificent artwork by the amazing :iconmegaween:! This guy is incredible, fast and his rates are absolutely fantastic! Thank you my friend. :iconbowplz:

Soviet Superwoman, the Iron Chancellor and the story were all created by myself.
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As far as villain names go, I think Iron Chancellor is probably one of the best I've heard. That's such an imposing name, and I love his gimmick. 
Rasheedzee's avatar
Hello, has this image been reported?
Soviet-Superwoman's avatar
Not that I'm aware of, why?
Rasheedzee's avatar
Just curious. Thank you, have a good day.
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Dislike WWII-era pulp comics?
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I'm alittle uncomfortable with the swastika imagery
InconspicuousHellcat's avatar
Epic picture!

While its a shame to see Von Trotha meet his downfall (no pun intended :3 ) I liked the pitched fight between them. Incidentally, to me it seemed that SSW took much more of a beating at the hands of Von Trotha's technology than she did when she fought against Ilsa.
Soviet-Superwoman's avatar
Early von Trotha was more potent against her, but then again so was his effort to halt the advance of the Allied forces. Technology, brilliance and patience. Ilsa didn't come into her own (as it were) until after the Great Patriotic War was over.
InconspicuousHellcat's avatar
I suspect I shall find out when I read more :)
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Cool story love the artwork... :iconreadingplz:

The fight between him and Olga was brutal but the resulting end was is him going out like Moriarty over a waterfall resulting in the Iron Chancellor's end never to trouble the world ever again... I'll be your huckleberry! 

.... Or so the world thought.

Bullet; Pink Indigo Bullet; Pink But like most super heroes/ or heroines in Olga's case she forgotten the main rule for when fighting foes that get ya bloody...

Bullet; Red Jayson Bullet; Red Which would be?

Bullet; Pink Indigo Bullet; Pink Look for the body and if you don't see one assume they're still alive. 

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To quote my very last statement:

"No words---no emotion----NO QUARTER."

This is what I'm talkin' about--right here.

Way to show Olga's gangsta.
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No guts, no glory as they say.

This guy looks like he's a handful. :) If he survives that, I would say their would be trouble in the near future for heroine.
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Looks kinda like a Sentry Bot from Fallout 3.
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My occassional foray into the past brought me to the Iron Chancellor's tale. Your poll made me realise that I need to read up on him. Very nice story with an awesome piece of artwork! :clap:

Now hopefully soon, we'll have the follow-up to this titanic tale. You can't keep a good villain down. ;)

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Whoa. Cool story, and a great action scene to go with it!
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Thank you very much! :D
zzzcomics's avatar
Oooh is the Iron Chancellor still around?
Soviet-Superwoman's avatar
Let's just say that I am finalizing a story idea I had a while ago to answer that question. :nod:
zzzcomics's avatar
Oooh I wonder what he might look like in 3D, and maybe he will have a new design if he comes back?:iconthinkplz:
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lol. Cute, cute. ANd yes, that is his line.
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