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Soviet Superwoman, Costume #3

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Bulushon has created an incredible version of Olga, donning costume #3 if you refer to my most recent poll! He has been creating fantastic pieces of her these last few weeks and is the (super friendly, highly generous) man responsible for all the amazing art in her first comic book, which of course is here:

He also made a YouTube video elaborating on his work while also showing you his process as he branches out into social media. Please give this artist some much needed love, likes and Watches!

He, GrowGetter & ! are hard at work on the second issue and I can tell you having seen some of the finished pages this one is going to be bigger and bolder than issue 1 as we go through her origin story!

Soviet Superwoman is my creation & property.
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Hello Olga, I think, it's time to visit Your amazing gallery with great expects of watching new pictures of my beloved, well muscled superhero Soviet Superwoman, who is the most important of this amazing Sujet among the other most American born heroes and the most beautiful and powerful of course. As a German I have the duty cause of our history, to love Russia and its people, but not only that, it's an urge for me. Russia is very important to me. The picture above is marvelous. To see my beautiful Superhero with her gorgeous body, makes my day anyway. I think that Bulushon has created an adorable picture of her. Thank You for showing us this amazing Version amongst the other gems in Your stunning collection.

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Wow, thanks for the kind words, both here and on some of my other pieces! Very much appreciated, and I agree that Bulushon is amazing!

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Awesome perspective

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GREAT artist - G R E A T

quality, creativity and imagination all are there

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This art is very good... it just confuses me a little.
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Kinda looks like a Rob Leifeld take on her. :XD:

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Dude that is such a thin waist there...

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