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A Superhero in Creastpeak Bay

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So about 3 years ago and some change you might remember that Soviet Superwoman was included, thanks to some donations from amazing friends, to be part of MoxyDoxy's game Ultimate Pump.

Well 3 years later, and with a name change to Creastpeak Bay, it looks like it is all finally becoming a reality! Check out what Olga/SSW will look like in this up-coming game! Incredible, right?

She is an NPC with plenty of dialogue and a few unique events you can interact with her in!

MoxyDoxy has been hard at work with Creastpeak Bay and you can download and try a demo version here:…
Follow its progress here on Twitter as well:

If you do try the demo, let me & MoxyDoxy know what you think by commenting below!

Soviet Superwoman is my creation & property.

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Вот это похоже на абби-руки-базуки

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This is absolutely gorgeous...

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She looks so gorgeous!

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As always Moxy Doxy and You show us awesome pictures of my beloved muscle goddess SSW.

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Hello Halunke, my question is, why we should crucify an amazing Superwoman like her. I don't realize, why.

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Soviet-SuperwomanI bet that's you in your jogging suit.

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Great look for her

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Thus is a pretty drawing and sovie looks great.
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Looking good there, Comrade!

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Glad to see this is coming around.

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This is so exciting!

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A warm and strong physique there!

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Man I love her physique and figure
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