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No More Faves Stamp by SoVeryUnofficial
:new: 6,369 :+fav: really?

My first reaction to seeing notes in my DA. Most of the time it's admins telling me art I've reported got removed, but sometimes, it's reports on ME that the one Amish Mormon Nun Admin agrees with or white knights defending a Moron/being angry at something I drew.

SOMETIMES it's decent people, you know who you are.

Gives you an idea of the mindframe I'm in when upon mentioning I'm making a stamp, someone replied "Who are you trolling this time?"

:iconimhappyplz: My reputation, like my boobs, precedes me.

:edit: THIS STAMP WAS STAGED! It is Starring kohakuhoshi 's note that I requested from her just to get the graphic! MUAHAHAHA!
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Apparently, It counts the notes you send as "New Notes".

May's Facepalm

You can tell how wrong this system has become.

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Yeah it's eleven herbs and spices of messed up.

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Yesterday not only did i get 39 comments from the sane guy telling me i'm a piece of sh!t and should kill myself the day before, but i got a note that was a death threat and linked me to a gore imageboard
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Me when I get notes: 
Someone actually wants to talk to me! : D
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But then it's just scams...
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it's more like "who's sending me death threats again??" to me...
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Eeeeeh, people like that need a hobby or twelve. I once had one guy send me like 15 messages that all said "The only thing official about you is that you suck!" And I cried.
From laughing so hard.

Dunno who it was, dun care. Not my circus, not my monkey.
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more like "who's trying to scam me" if anything for me
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Fuck, getting notes gives me anxiety holy shit
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I get anxiety when I see them
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why is this so true
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Using. i piss everyone off
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How do I use stamps? I'm stuck 😂
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Scroll down and look on the right, you're looking for a "thumb" code. Copy it and paste it where you need it, and it'll show up!
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I seem to piss everyone off on this site anyway.
The angry notes and comments don't even bother me anymore and actually make me laugh now. Get at least one a week.
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ikr ?! like everytime i see a note its either
' oh shit what have i done ? '


' oh shit what do i have to do ? '

or its just a damn bot
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Literally me every time I get a note.
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Honestly feedback scares me even more
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You're not getting the right kind of feedback if it scares you. Sad Bonnie is sad [Chat Icon] 
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