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Kammy Kalamity Page 17

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Iggy was originally going to be excited, but I decided to keep Wendy sitting on him from the previous page. Gabe liked it so much he suggested a calmer delivery of the line with a lovey-dovey face.

I'm currently VERY BUSY with comic works, so there won't be an Easter Egg contest for a little while.

Easter Egg :

Bullet; Yellowthe lil hearts coming out of Iggy are from Yoshi's Story!

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Hey are you still posting this comic every Thursday, or did you change the date?

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A new page literally came out yesterday.

Oh crap! I am so sorry! I was looking for it in the next option. I didn’t think to go to your profile. I feel stupid. 😅

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Sadly I gotta do these manually and sometimes it slips cuz I also gotta post it on several other platforms, then advertise it. Gonna fix it now.