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Kammy Kalamity Page 1

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Pick a Mario game intro music of your choice and hop down that pipe, We're going into a BRAND NEW SUPER MARIO ADVENTURE (Continued!)

I'm currently VERY BUSY with comic works, so there won't be an Easter Egg contest for a little while; would it make up for it to know this adventure will be 40 pages????

40. Forty. That's 4 times ten. And that's not terrible.

Easter Eggs :

Bullet; Green  That's Parakarry's N64 look and colors, that's why his visor doesn't have a frame

Bullet; Red  The crate is modeled off the crate in Super Mario World 2 : Yoshi's Island - SNES

Bullet; Blue Whispy Woods is chilling in the Mario Bros.'s front yard!

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ooh sounds fun, cant wait for more

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Updates every Thursday, it's gonna be 40 pages of fun, fun, fun!

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nice, cant wait