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Driven Miss Daisy Page 30

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The End!

Or is it?

*Easter Eggs*

Bullet; Red redreaper1951 is the winner! The bunny is indeed Mips from Super Mario 64!

Wanna Help us make the comic?I posted the unobstructed list of chores on my Patreon!

I'm also posting the comic on my Ko-Fi!
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wait, it's over already? just like that? with all due respect I feel like it's a little rushed if all that's left is the epilogue, no offense. it just feels unsatisfactory imho.

also, why are Mario & Luigi wearing their classic outfits? did I just happen to skip the entire page where that was explained?

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Hey Jax, thanks for the feedback. Driven Miss Daisy was originally 40+ pages long, and I had to cleave off 25% of those to fit it into my budget (SMAC is commissioned in full by me). Maybe we can release a Director's Cut when I've run out of other scripts, so we can show the original scenes of Mario and Luigi at the castle.

re: the classic outfits, I think Sharon and I said on other pages, I like the idea of Mario and Luigi having a more varied wardrobe. You'll notice at the start of the comic they're in SMBDX garb, and in issue 4 (starting in August!), they'll have their SMB2 colours on.

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ahhhh ok that puts a lot of it into perspective. sorry for rubbing in the issues, I didn’t think u cut them out for the sake of the comic to be published in the first place (I was living in a fantasy world where this was drawn out of pure love for the Red Menace)

I actually just thought their smbdx outfits were only a stylistic choice

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Pure love don't pay for food and supplies. These pages take a lot of time to do and comics are my only source of income.

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Wonderful comic 😁😁😁😁👍🏾
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et maintenant, ils vont partir à la chasse aux oeufs du Yoshi de Pâques.

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