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Driven Miss Daisy Page 18

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And we're back! Did you miss us, paisanos?

*Easter Eggs* the coat hangers are, from left to right, Peach Pink, Waluigi Purple, Luigi Green and Mario Red.

Peach is wearing, from top left to bottom right;
Bullet; Red  Shantae's outfit
Bullet; Orange  an original pink clubbing dress
Bullet; Yellow  Pauline's Mayor outfit

Bullet; Green  a certain punk outfit that if you send me a private note with the reference where it came from (Hint - It's a Comic! I need the Title!) you get a free sketch just like last time!
:new: WE HAVE A WINNER! KARAandHARMONIE answered correctly with Magic Carpet Madness!

Bullet; Blue  a Smash Bros dress.

Bullet; Purple The Kyary Pamyu Pamyu commercial outfit.

Wanna Help us make the comic?I posted the unobstructed list of chores on my Patreon!

I'm also posting the comic on my Ko-Fi!
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I don't know whether I should feel humored or insulted by Peach's reaction to Shantae's outfit...

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Damn, I gotta say Peach rocks that Mayor Pauline suit! Shame she didn't pick that one. :love:

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Nice Shantae- Cameo😁😁😁😁👍🏾
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J'adore toutes les tenues de Peach.