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Because I told :iconmasterofra: I'd do it.

Yeah, I know I said I'm not into giantesseseseses, but *MasterOfRa has the distinction of not being a whiny demanding prick.

ChibiUsa (c) Naoko Takeuchi

:edit: A little something for the people coming from the idjit's blog:

What the fuck is this? I barely posted the thing and already it landed in a blog.

Not that it matters: my pictures are watermarked and set on encouraged sharing. I would still LIKE to be asked permission even if most of the time, I'd say yes.

No, what bugs me is the little story he/she decided to write for it.

"This little girl isn’t the one to blame that she got so big. It was just her hormones.

She has always been clumsy, prone to tripping and falling. When she grew up, the situation didn’t change. She was constantly stumbling and this made her crush some cars and people. It was a blood bath down there but it wasn’t her fault."

First of all. The little girl has a name. You don't use it, you look like a n00b.

Secondly, where do you see tripping and falling? What about the bloodbath? There's nobody in those cars!

Thirdly, HORMONES? Ignoring ChibiUsa's nasty tendency to remain at child height for 900 plus years in canon, wtf? I repeat, if you dunno who the so very not generic character is and can't google, you look like a herr n00benston.

That's like posting a picture of Motoko Kusanagi lounging and writing "This sexy girl was exhausted after her hard night working at a bar, flirting with the customers."

tl;dr to say I hate being misinterpreted. Hate it.
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ChibiUsa's 'The Price Is Right' crushed pricing games:

Bonus Game
Five Price Tags (forced into retirement after the car is crushed)
Super Ball
Safe Crackers
Danger Price (forced into retirement after it becomes a danger)
Most Expensive (forced into retirement after it becomes too expensive to repair)

Which leaves only Rat Race, Double Cross, Do The Math, Pay The Rent, Range Game, and others untouched.  Drew Carey is killed, forcing Rich Fields to host the show, which moves to a temporary site due to the damage (total damage price: $6.8 million).