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My self as an anime character

For a while I have been working on this picture that I was drawing just to post online to see what people think of my art skills. I have no experience drawing anime or hentai style characters, but I have watched a lot of anime series. And I have no experience drawing anything of a pornographic nature. XD

So after a ton of research and testing as well as many delays along the way, I finally finished a character drawing. I was pretty much drawing what I would look like if I was an anime character. I would like to get some feedback and hear what everyone thinks of my work. I tried like 20 different ways of coloring the hair, and I still feel like it's just not right. :( So if anyone has any suggestions on the line-work style, coloring, texturing, lights/shadows, etc... that you think I should do differently please let me know.

If I can get a lot of good feedback, then maybe I can come up with a format or formula for how I will draw out my images. Then once I have that, drawing them will be a lot smoother and faster. And if anyone has any suggestions or ideas for things you would like to see me draw in the future, I would love to hear about them.
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i am enjoying this image's existence
but what we need is more
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Well, you are the first person to comment on one of my pictures on this site. I have been busy but I do plan on making more art work in the future and putting it on this site. You can also see my art work on Hentai-Foundry. I normally post things on that site first. And the more NSFW pictures will all be on there. XD
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An HF account? Strange that I cannot find it >.>
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Oh yeah, it's just Vis on HF. hentai-foundry'dot'com/user/Vis/profile
I hate how it counts all links as spam on this site. DX