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Let's Be Friends!

By SovanJedi

(You're gonna DIE.)

EDIT: I do not give anybody permission to use this GIF in merchandising, on t-shirts or anything else that might be sold. If you see it being sold on sites like Qwertee or RedBubble, assume I did not give permission and report them, quoting this if need be.
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Press X to doubt
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uh, n-no flowey I don't really wanna be friends...

Is it just me or did flowey‘s face become evil and scary and red

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b u r n i t w i t h f i r e

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This was actually the first Undertale-related thing I ever saw before actually knowing about the game back in 2015.
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Welp, I wasn't planning on sleeping tonight anyway[F2U] Chara shrug icon  
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This is amazing!
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sees a lovely flowey dancing for a few seconds- thinking "OH! thats from the beginning of the game!"
scrolls down to comments - "Why this scary?"
scrolls up ag- "AAAAAAAAAAH!!"
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Can i use this GIF for my video?
the description reveals it! 
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Hi, Flowey! I wanna be your best friend, forever!
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Wow, I've been looking for this FOREVER
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Yes, lets be "friends"...
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Yay it's the Flowey show 💯🙌🏾
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One of the faces look a LOT like Delirium from TBoI.…
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Amazing job! It took the atmosphere perfectly. Just a thing: Flowey has 6 petal as the humans soul. Btw it's beautiful the same ^^
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no i dont wanna be ur friend swiggity swooty i'm coming for that booty
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I was going to report this being used in an advertisement too, but it looks like the guy below me saw it first. 
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Hey I want to let you know that someone has started using your flower gif/art in advertisement. The shadey virus causing kind.
I'm not sure who made it because I didn't click it, but
There it is. If I see it again I'll try and get you more information on who did it, but yee
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That logo.

That logo in the corner.
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Wow, that's scummy. Thank you for letting me know though.
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