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Like the Shadow of the Colossus image, this is another one using just MS Paint and the default 16-colour palette. The added luxury of a graphics tablet helps somewhat, and yet at the same time feels very much like overkill for such a simple program.

again, a great opportunity to experiment with using the same colour in different locations to create the illusion of new colours (the peach tone used in the rocks is the same used in the lava, but because of the surrounding colours they both effectively look like different colours.)

I was going to add Samus at the front here but decided that I was happy with it as it stands. I could perhaps have asked Microsoft to have included a darker grey colour for the smoke as their default MS Paint colour - perhaps using the dark green would have worked in its place?
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Gecko1993Hobbyist General Artist
To say "Fatality" is an understatement... A BIG ONE! O_O
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DarikinHobbyist Writer
There is a video called "mitos y leyendas en los videojuegos 23" in which this picture appears, i dont recall seeing it being sourced at all, i only stumbled upon it here due to it being very popular. tilyk
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This is so cool! Well done!
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the brutality done to crocomire makes me sad
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He gave me nightmares, when i faced him first time
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This rocks!!!
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Have you ever seen the M.U.G.E.N. remake of this boss fight? -->…
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First gruesome video game death I ever saw. Weirded me out as a kid to see it. Which caused me to scream all the louder when he made his skeletal return. 
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presstartoplayHobbyist General Artist
The only gory death I've ever seen in a Nintendo game. It really suprised me when I saw it for the first time!
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Ever seen Bowser's death in the more recent "New Super Mario Bros" after beating him in World 1? It's very similar and also involves him getting his flesh burned off in a similar manner.

He also then returns twice in World 8 afterwards. First as a skeletonized zombie. Then he's brought back by Bowser Jr as his normal self, but bigger.
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presstartoplayHobbyist General Artist
I've seen it. It used to scare me when I was younger. It's really a brutal death for a Mario game! But at least, you don't actually see his flesh melt off.
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Such a gruesome death
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PikachulordStudent Artist
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PikachulordStudent Artist
oops i mean :(
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hotrod2001Professional Digital Artist
impressive, love the 16-bit effect.
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HardCoreCrocomireStudent General Artist
that was a VERY painful day
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great, now I have to play metroid again!
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great.. now I have to play metroid again
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This is going to haunt me forever. Thank you.
In all seriousness though, it's amazing work.
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I always thought that stuff it lands in was acid, (sense it's more brownish & transparent then the lava in other areas of the game) but very cool take of that famous "death animation." :) Nice colors to.
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BLARGEN69 General Artist
It's... Beautiful, my favorite boss ever from Metroid ever. And you did this amazingly!!! I'm happy you didn't include Samus, if you did I think she would make this not as good.
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I've always been horrified by its death
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I'm not sure if I commented on this yet lol.

But that look like it hurt :P
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