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Willow the Unicorn Foal

By SovaeArt
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Private collection. If you would like to commission a similar sculpture, please email me at!

11" long. Mixed media.

Find my work on Facebook here!
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Beautiful form and pose, very delicate and graceful. She is a sweet little thing, great details and soft hair!
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Shut up and take my money 
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He's so cute! Will he have a mum in the near future? he looks so fragile :3
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awww, wanna hold it! Looks like it would be so soft and warm. It's so realistic!
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I love how it's standing so shakily like a real newborn <3
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I read somewhere that unicorns are born gold, then turn silver with adolecence... then pearly white later on.
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Harry Potter? lol
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Coula been, also coulda been The last unicorn. Oh if ya havn't read the book, don't bother bacuse it's almost parr for parr with the animated movie, but then again i coulda've seen it in some "Unicorn Facts" books or somethin. But I like the colors you worked with anyways, It's just an idea is all.
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I read the book when I was 15. Didn't even know the movie existed until years later and to be honest, I think it's terrible. The animation is awful, the music is cheesy and yeah, it doesn't do the book justice at all.

The thing about the gold foals, silver younglings and white adults IS from Harry Potter. They also have silver blood in the books. It's cute, but if you want unicorn "facts" (like there's any such thing) read The Lore of the Unicorn.
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I think I will look for that book. Could you tell us who's the author of that book? Is he Odell Shepard?
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I am curious about this also.
I have loads of books on unicorns, but I don't have that one.
One of my favorites is by Nigel Suckling. It is about unicorns throughout history and in different cultures. [link]
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kk, It's funny how I would know that bacause I've never read the Harry Potter series.
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You should ;D /creeperpost
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I know, I just never giot around to it, too buisy tryin to finish frankenstein, and Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
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Know the pain, I have around ten books either in progress or on the waiting list. Like... ugh. So many great stories to go through, and so little motivation to actually dig into them.
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:heart: the cuteness! :heart:
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hi!your work is featured in my journal,hope you don't mind:)
have a good day!
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Beautiful and so life like! You expect it to toddle around any second now!
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Oh this is soo something beyond the beyond! so charming and wonderful!
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Wowsers, great job!
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