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PRINTS are available in my Etsy store!

Copper tube, aluminium and steel wire armature, Padico Premier stoneware clay, taxidermy glass eyes, recycled mohair, rayon flocking, silicone ears/facial features, resin, polymer clay.
12" tall.

Sorry about the watermark. This file is just stolen *SO* often.
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This was one of the first peices of art I ever saw on DA, and ironically, I was one of the people who stole it!!  
ahh, it's nice to see it again now that I know stealing art is wrong.  >w<
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This is my favorite piece of art, ever! 
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Um I am not sure if you know but this website has stolen your artwork and used it on a mug/cup I cannot believe that companies do this to hard working independent artists like you, it's just disgraceful!…
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Beautiful work of art.  You did an amazing job.
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Look almost real!
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Beautiful work!
Over the past several years, I have seen 'plagiaristic' miniature sculptures made by other so-called artists who have used your photo :/     
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anotomy is really good
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absolutely cuuute! :happybounce: Heart Heart Heart 
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I'm not surprised that the file is grabbed and linked because this is amazing. It is the best traditional goat inspired unicorn picture I think I've ever seen. Very impressed right here.
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O: I just want to pick this cutey up and cuddle her! Beautiful!
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is this for sale??
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Really cute, and beautiful work
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Its... so... lifelike!! :la:

You did a wonderful job on it!
Clapping Pony Icon - Twilight Sparkle 
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THIS HAS BEEN MY SCREENSAVER FOR AGES OMG ;O; I NEVER KNEW YOU MADE IT, I thought it was done on photoshop ;o;

Well I guess that means that somebody stole it '-'
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Haha, believe me I think this sort of thing is a lot easier to sculpt in real life than render in Photoshop. And a LOT of people stole it! I've seen it everywhere haha
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That's sad:c I wish I remember where I got it from ;o;
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Wooowwwwwwwwwwwww just amazing!!!!
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your work is incredible!
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Thanks, I've filed a complaint :)
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