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:star: I do original art, ocs and fanart. Youtube/Twitch banners, icons, emotes, channel art, repeated chara bgs and pet portraits!
Ask about anything not here!

:bulletred: Pixel Art $40
- Animation (Ask)
:bulletorange: Chibis $30
- Details simplified
Design Comm: Energetic Sunshine by Southrobin Robin Chibi by Southrobin Trade: Guyu Chibi by Southrobin New Leaf Villagers by Southrobin Chainsaw Man Denji Chibi by Southrobin
:bulletorange: Button Chibis $27
- Details simplified
- Simple animation open
Comm: Pastel Cutie by SouthrobinAnimated Chibis: StrangelyKatie by Southrobin Comm: Pastel Anthro Chibi by Southrobin Comm: Pastel Witch Chibi by Southrobin Trade: Fayeskies Woolyne by Southrobin
:bulletyellow: Ferals / Pokemon / Animals / Pet Portraits / MLP etc $30 - 50
- V. simple animals 20 - 30
Servine used Leaf Tornado! by Southrobin Pouflon: Daffodille by Southrobin Sweetest Boi Ralsei by Southrobin Day 15 - Yakalentos Giftie by SouthrobinSmoll Horse by SouthrobinTrade: Lusomnia by Southrobin
:bulletgreen: Bust / Headshots $25
Comm: Insanity by Southrobin Comm Hubris by Southrobin Comm: Parashy 3 by SouthrobinC: Cardlinaudio by Southrobin Angst.png by Southrobin
:bulletblue: Halfbody $42

  Comm: Mendrion by Southrobin Com: Red Mage by Southrobin Overwatch Fanzine: Symmetra by Southrobin Comm: The Nurse by Southrobin Redraw: Robin and Flygon by Southrobin C: Why so Unhappy? by Southrobin2B - Nier Automata by Southrobin She Ra Catra by Southrobin Helluva Boss: Loona by Southrobin
:bulletpurple: Fullbody $65
Robin Vent by SouthrobinPalette Swapped Robin by SouthrobinSmol Green Dorito by SouthrobinComm: Marowak Gijinka by SouthrobinComm: Kate Denson by SouthrobinCasual Wear by Southrobin
:bulletblack: Twitch / Discord / Chat Emotes $30-40 :new:
- Emotes come with pic and emote ver.
- Ask about twitch sub badges.
 Comm: Squid Emotes by SouthrobinGavaroc Twitch Emote Commission by SouthrobinFanelMark Twitch Emotes Commission by SouthrobinComm: Voittress Sub Badges by Southrobin
:damphyr: Experimental (to be discussed)
- Do not choose if picky!
Captain Lars by Southrobin Trade: Shiranova by Southrobin Comm: Vicstoria by Southrobin Trade: Witch Girl by SouthrobinGift: Rojo Jojo by Southrobin
:damphyr: Custom Character Design +10 - 15 to price
[Design Comm] Wooferdill Chibi by Southrobin Robin Chibi by SouthrobinKimori Mascot: Mori by SouthrobinTrade: Tyronniesaur by Southrobin
Design Comm: Energetic Sunshine by Southrobin Keb Oc: Nebula [Approved] by SouthrobinOc: Lyra by SouthrobinComm: Pouflon Custom Design by Southrobin C: Tropical Girl Design by Southrobin
:damphyr: Complex characters = Extra Cost.
:damphyr: Eye blinking +3 / Alt expressions +5 each
:damphyr: Add background +20 - 40
:damphyr: Nsfw To be discussed

:bulletred: Not recommended:
- Very buff or bara.
- Complex mecha or backgrounds.

:bulletpink: Payment:
- Prices are in USD. Full payment upfront via paypal.

:bulletblack: Other Information:
- Monetary tips are very welcome.
- My art should only be for Personal use.
- For commercial / merch use, please discuss.

- Copyrights and ownership of the drawing remains to me. Please do not profit off it or make NFTs.
- I may use the art for prints / my own art books / portfolio etc. I will ask you before using oc art.
- It takes several hours of work, so do understand the reasons behind the cost.
- I draw better when I don't feel pressured c:

:bulletblack: Useful Links
- My current To do list
My customer kudos thread.

Thank you! I'll be sure to do the best on your commission! :D
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