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2017-07 Art Show, Grand Junction, CO, The 1% by southpaw-am-i 2017-07 Art Show, Grand Junction, CO, The 1% by southpaw-am-i

Update: Question: What is it really?  Clue: Illusion, sight, lenses needed, paper changed and then we greeted.

Update: I was wrong. Therefore, what I've been told about my own piece was wrong... the piece is Roman à clef (a top story and a hidden bottom story underneath which requires a key to see). It's a literary style that I've never seen someone do in the fine arts and apparently no one who was defining this piece for me did either. Roman à clef has been adapted to a number of films, however, according to Wikipedia.

Special thanks to AnonMoos.

The OP seems to mean something analogous to a Roman à clef, but in visual form, not verbal... AnonMoos (talk) 14:02, 24 August 2017 (UTC)

So... wow... Roman à clef. Go figure.

Update 8/26/2017 - I've been being vague on purpose for some time with my piece. I have submitted limited visuals of my piece to three galleries only to find out that I was wrong about the style(Actually was wrong for 54 days.. a deck of cards with 2 jokers). Ow. I submitted to a fourth gallery very recently with the correct name of the style and more detail than with the other galleries. And now that I know it's Roman à clef, I suppose I'll enclose a story top layer which makes infinitely more sense when looking at the piece when it is hanging in the correct way. If a gallery accepts my piece and requests me to remove this Story top layer from here, then I will be happy to do so.

The Story on the surface is a story of life with changing viewpoints… starting with golden walls, the typical marriage, the friendships never expected, the knowledge that God is around because of things in the news and medicine that are unexplainable, but somehow life is too busy to look toward Him. People often visit church together those two times a year, Christmas and Easter, out of tradition and to keep up with friends and family. There’s people far away that need help in other countries, but they are just too far away. Then there are the blind, a group of people nearby who are a canvas wall, so undesired to look at, and these people are people God looks at directly. God cares for these people, but people are busy, life is busy. So comes a cry made by a child who is blind… “Why not?” “Why can’t I do math, Lord?” “Why is there no one to transcribe the math so I could just try to read a math book to see if I can learn it?” “Why are the math transcribers so few as to be imaginary creatures?”  “And my friend, Jesus, my friend had to leave me because there are so few music transcribers that she had to move so she could take music.” “Why, Lord, why?” “And why do I have to hear more than everyone else, but I can’t see with my walking stick the small rock a kid kicked there that I tripped over?” “Why give me a gift of hearing, why give me a desire for math, Lord?” “I can’t use it and nobody will listen.” “They ignore me.” “I don’t make much noise, but they still ignore me.” “And for all the time I’ve spent in braille, I have a gift that would make forensics jealous, but people don’t even consider that.” “I could even read some comics if they would just emboss braille at different levels.” “They forget what they have, Lord.” “Why, Lord?” Then the Lord says to the child, “I will send people to help you. More than you can believe.” Then the child says, “When, Lord?” “They still ignore me.”

Since it is Roman à clef, does that mean that the piece has another story beneath the story relating to royalty, politics, power, and/or privacy? Yes.

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July 14, 2017
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