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I just got from vending at San Diego Comic Con, now in Baltimore for BronyCon, vending at Booth #114 across from the Art Show in the Marketplace. I will also be doing the Brony Fandom History panel on SAT at 5:30 PM in the Hall of Chaos. 
I will be vending in the Dealer's Den at the double tables 59/60 and doing 3 panels. On Fri (2/09) doing the Looking into Inanimate Transformation History and Fandom at 1:00 PM, Con History at 6:30 PM, and Sat (2/10) doing my usual So You Want to be a Con Artist panel at 8:00 PM. Stop by and say hi!
I will be at the A-Kon Artist Alley this weekend at Booth 1816, stop by and say hi! 
I keep forgetting to put a list of cons I am going to up so you all know where to find me, I will keep this post updated as more conventions are confirmed, but here is what is confirmed so far.

Ikkicon - Austin, TX - January                      Researcher, Promotional
Pacific Ponycon - San Diego, CA - January     Vendor
PonyconMLP - Lone Beach, NJ - January       Vendor, Panelist
Furry Fiesta - Dallas, TX - March                       Artist Alley
Whinny City Ponycon - Chicago, IL - March         Vendor
BABSCon, San Francisco, CA - April                    Community Guest, Vendor, Panelist
Everfree Northwest - Seattle, WA - May              Vendor, Panelist (TBA)
Army Navy Alumni Weekend - May                     Guest of Honor, Speaker
Balticon - Baltimore, MD - May                         TBA
A-Kon - Dallas, TX - June                                TBA
Biggest Little Fur Con - Reno, NV - June             Artist Alley
TrotCon - Columbus, OH - July                      Potential             Community Guest (TBA)
BronyCon - Baltimore, MD - August                   Vendor, Panelist (TBA)
San Japan - San Antonio, TX - September           Artist Alley
Baltimore Comic Con - Baltimore, MD, September  TBA
Small Press Expo                                             TBA
Nightmare Nights - Dallas, TX - October               TBA
Ponyville Ciderfest - Milwaukee, WS - October       TBA
My 2nd vending con of the year and first time back at PonyCon since it was Big Apple Ponycon in NYC. I will be vending and doing 3 panels this weekend. Including:

So You Want To Be a Con Artist at 8pm Friday 

Transformative Art: History of Storytelling and Fanfiction at 8pm Saturday

And a Convention History panel to be announced.

It will be Chinese New Year this Saturday, and as a Taoist that is one of the most important holidays of the year, so stop by for some Chinese themed pony prints and goodies. 
Just got back from back to back vending and paneling weekends at Nightmare Nights in Dallas and Ponyville Ciderfest in Milwaukee. I realized I haven't been posting as much here, haven't even posted my card games or con exclusive prints or commissions I have done for people. So for the next month plan to upload 3 years worth of photos and artwork. Hopefully I can find a way to organize them all so they aren't just jumbled together. 
I will vending at my 3rd Nightmare Nights.  You can find my booth on the map under Art and Tarot of Chocolate Pony. Also check out my panels. If you are going stop by and say hi!

Horse Famous Card Game Demo 2:00 PM
The Tao of Pinkie, the Te of Pie 4:30 PM
Great Literary Game: Transformative Art and Purpose of Fandoms 7:30 PM

So You Want to be a Con Artist? 10:30 AM
The Great Con - Story of American Conventions 11:30 AM
If you are in St. Louis this coming weekend, make sure to stop by my booth, I will be a Community Guest and will be presenting 4 panels, as well as vend my tarot cards and what not. Going to make this a relaxing con so stop by and chat chit :)
Stop by Table 40 in the hallway by the Vendor Hall, for tarot cards, wallscrolls, and swag. I have two panels this time, on Friday The Great Literary Game - Transformative Art, and Saturday my Horse Famous Card Game demo. Check them out. 
If you have attended or plan to attend a Brony convention (any one), fill out this short 10 question survey. Once you do you will be entered into a raffle to win a free deck of tarot cards, Horse Famous, and other prizes. Thanks.
At the airport about to board my plane, leaving Seattle back to Dallas. It was a good con, nice seeing all my followers, friends, and fans again. If you got a commission from me, please email me so I can confirm references.
Table G3

Finally, I got one of these done BEFORE the con takes place. As some of you know I will be doing my hometown con, BABSCon in San Francisco, for a 3rd year in a row! I have a lot of special treats and new products this year. 

    ·        Art of the Con - Is a Concept Art book that collects the various artwork and sketches have drawn for BABSCon while running their design department from 2014-2015.

    ·        Pony Puff Princess #0 - Finally, the first comic that collects all those comics I been drawing form my MLP-analogue deconstruction, as well as some of the comics I drew for the Fyrefly blog.

    ·        Equestria Tarot - Once again my most popular item is back for a limited run, only 25 decks avaiable at BABSCon, so hurry to get yours before they are gone.

    ·        Horse Famous Core Deck (Pre-Release) - The special pre-release of the Horse Famous card game with this 108 card core deck, I am only bringing a limited of 10 decks to this con so get them early on Friday before they are out. 

    ·        Changeling and Pony Racing Card Games - Who is the Changeling? Which pony will you bet on in the races. Two of my popular card games from 2014 are back for BABSCon. Great games to play with friends at con. 

    ·        I also have other awesome stuff like military brony swag, buttons, badges, books, wallscrolls, large prints, small prints, and more. And a limited copy of the exclusive Brony backer cover for supporters of the Army Navy History Book. 

    ·        This year I also have Twilight Secret Shipfic cards featuring the 3 BABSCon mascots, as well has some remaining TSSSF cards from Pacific Ponycon and BABSCon 2015. They are free with purchase of any card deck or card game, or can be bought as a set. I am also hiding them around the hotel. 

    ·        I will also have :iconlolopan:'s prints avaiable at my booth, she will no longer be doing any future pony conventions, so if you want to own a print from this talented artist, THIS IS YOUR LAST AND ONLY CHANCE. Contact me ahead of time to reserve a copy of her work. Also, I will have my friend Koonzy, known for his buttons at my booth this time making some awesome buttons, so check him out as well.

And finally I will be doing my academic panel, the successor to my ever popular 100 Years of Narrative Art panel, The Great Literary Game: Fundemental Purpose of Fanfiction and Transformative Art. A detailed presentation that will discuss the originals of fandoms from the shamanic cavemen to the modern day entertainment industries, the fight between transformative and escapist art, the importance of fiction and stories in society, the legal cases with parodies and “fanfics” or existing works looking at free use cases from the Air Pirates to the Wind Done Gone, leading up to the change the made way for the 2010′s Animation Revival with Lauren Faust, and what role you the fans play in our every evolving culture. 

That will be at 12:00 PM on Sunday April 24, at BABSCon and I will also be presenting it on Friday 6:00 PM at Everfree Northwest May 13. 


If you are going to BABSCon make sure you stop by and say hi! If you want to reserve or preorder any of my products or artwork, feel free to send me a message on Tumblr or email me at Because I am bringing what I can carry in my luggage bags, so I will be bringing very limited quantities. 

Not sure who keeps uploading my artwork to Derpibooru, but it would be nice if someone informs me first before doing so, and if I have a watermark on a piece, please do not remove it. Also, please credit and link back to the source. I never use Derpibooru so I am not sure how that site works, but if you are on there and see my artwork unaccredited let me know. Thanks. 
Okay, so just got settled into my place in Dallas, too lazy to unpack but just spent my first night in my new place. And as with tradition extending back the last 8 years, I once again miss the Otakon Artist Ally Lottery because I was busy with something. This year, I was stuck on the roads in the blizzard moving to Texas when they were opened for 48 hours. Last year I was busy staffing and vending at BABSCon. So the last year Otakon is in Baltimore I miss it again. ^^; sigh...

Well if anyone got a space let me know. I have no idea why I keep missing them. 
I am moving to Dallas, Texas, today. AphexAngel is currently driving up with a trailer to help get my stuff down. However, my area in Maryland is due for that big blizzard and predicted to leave 2 feet of snow. So hopefully we make it down before the blizzard hits. Next time I update I should be in Texas! 
So I just landed in San Diego, if you didn't know I will be vending at Pacific PonyCon tomorrow and all weekend. My booth is #36, stop by if you are here!
Alright, rested up from vending at Nightmare Nights, I have one more con for the year. Ponyville Ciderfest this weekend. Stop by Booth 31 and say hello. 
Alright, rested up from vending at Nightmare Nights, I have one more con for the year. Ponyville Ciderfest this weekend. Stop by Booth 31 and say hello. 
Alright, rested up from vending at Nightmare Nights, I have one more con for the year. Ponyville Ciderfest this weekend. Stop by Booth 31 and say hello.